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five February goals

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year.  I'm bad at them anyway - a year is too long and I always make them too big.  So I'm trying something new.   I'm setting a list of goals for the month of February.  28 days seems doable and forces me to stay smaller.

These are all about health/weight.  Since the surgeries last summer I gave myself permission to not worry about food or exercise much.  Well, stepping on the scale this morning I'm up near the heaviest I've ever been and it's time to start paying attention again.  Especially given that according to the anecdotal evidence it's going to be harder for me to lose any weight now that I'm on hormone pills instead of having an active thyroid.

Here are the goals:
1) floss daily
2) stretch daily
3) move for at least 20 minutes daily
4) have at least one serving each of fruit and vegetables daily
5) No fast food restaurants

1) This one is sort of obvious.  I've tried and failed many times to add this to my routine.  But I have some issues with my gums and daily flossing would help.  Seriously this takes maybe a minute of time so it shouldn't be so hard.
2)  For a while in the mornings I was doing a few repetitions of a sun salutation with a dancing warrior sequence thrown in (yoga stuff).  Between the two all my muscles are engaged briefly and I find out where the kinks are.  So the goal is to do this every morning - it takes five minutes.  Ideally I'd also add in some of my physical therapy stretches.
3)  Obvious, right?  I would like to start running again, but I think moving every day is even more important.  The time can be broken up into smaller chunks.  However, it has to be movement with intent, ie. at the end of the day I can't add up the time I spend walking to the copier and back.
4)  I know how sad this is.  I've become better about fruits and veggies in general, but tend to focus on one or the other.  I'm aiming for more than two servings total a day, but if I go out of my way to get both hopefully that will happen.
5)  Yup, for a whole month.  Notice this isn't no french fries, or no cheeseburgers, it's about eating more mindfully and not sprinting through a drive through.  Also, if I'm going to eat a burger I'd rather spend a little more and get something that's so much better than McDs.  I'm defining fast food restaurants as any place that typically has a drive-thru.

I know the goals are almost ridiculously small.  But I decided that what I want to do is set habits that I can keep forever, instead of just changing something right now.  So I'm starting with baby steps.  

I'll report back on Mondays.  If anyone wants to join in or set some February goals of their own that would be awesome.  It's usually a little easier to follow through on things like this if you know someone else is doing it too.
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