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Friday night bits

- I will be making a tuna noodle casserole for dinner this evening, starting with tuna steaks.  I don't cook all that often and using more expensive ingredients always makes me nervous.

- J is helping a friend out this weekend so I won't see him from 7a on Saturday until the start of the game on Sunday.  Having a day and a half entirely to myself is both good and bad.  I'd rather get to spend the time with J, but it gives me a chance to do some really exciting things like vacuum the apartment, do my taxes, and see a few more movies.  It's going to be party central around here.

- This week in Idol we get to write something new from the same set of five topics, with a new partner.  I'm working on a first draft now, though amusingly I came up with an idea I really like for a different topic which I may have to find a way to write sometime soon.  Or maybe I'll hold onto it for when Gary has us do the same thing again next week.


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