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- I enjoyed the Superbowl yesterday, it was a good game and the team I was cheering for won.  As for the commercials I really liked the VW punch bug ad, and the snickers ad with Betty White.  But I think my favorite was the Google ad, which told a whole story just using their search features.  It was simple and lovely.

- I am officially back at work.  meh.

- I have done pretty well in my first week of February goals.  I only kind of got my vegetables on two different days - when I made tuna casserole and just let the onions, mushrooms and red pepper in the casserole count as my serving, and yesterday when my vegetable was mini twice-baked potatoes.  But other than vegetable equivocating I've been right on for everything else.  Of course, now that I'm working again things will start to get more difficult.

- I have been sleepy all day, which doesn't really make sense given that I got nine hours of sleep last night.  Maybe it was too much?

- And the poll for LJ Idol is up here.  This week is another week of partners and notbatman was mine, votes for both of us would be greatly appreciated.   The voting is open until Wednesday night.
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I think the universe conspires against us all to make us sleepy on Monday's to remind us to appreciate the weekends. :-)

The Betty White ad was pretty damn funny.

Tell me this though... did you catch Roger Daltry lip-synching? I could have *sworn* I saw it... at one point, it looked like a badly dubbed Japanese flick!!!

Good on you for the February goals! Keep up the good work!!!

And good luck to you in the polls!!!

Except starting next week Mondays will be my whole weekend again. It's weird.

I'm not sure if Daltry was lip-synching or not, but I remember thinking that the music sounded just as good as I thought/hoped, and the vocals were a little lacking. He also looked awkwardly tense like he wasn't used to singing for that many people which I know isn't true.

Good luck to you as well!

Very weird.... Ack!

The music sounded great... the stage was awesome as were the lights... but yeah, the vocals did seem lacking. Daltry looked like he was in pain up there. Wow.

I'm still wondering if CBS required them to play all the CSI theme songs. Of course those were big hits for The Who before the tv stuff ever happened, but still. It also makes me wonder if CBS had any influence over who played. And I really wish they had just played three songs beginning to end, instead of the greatest hits medly - that may have calmed Daltry down too.

lol... it wouldn't surprise me if they were required to play all of the CSI songs. lol... I still think Prince has put on one of the all-time best halftime shows. The Who was just... kinda sad.

I missed most of the superbowl. I was too busy standing in the kitchen and eating all the snacks :P

Sometimes too much sleep makes you more tired than not enough. I've been averaging 9 hours a night, because I go to bed at 10 thinking I'll get up at 6, and then I don't get up until 7. It's pretty fantastic, though I don't get my morning walk in and I'm at least 5 minutes late to work. Ooops!

Good job on the February goals! Back to work is probably going to make eating tricky. Near my job is a grocery store with a pretty excellent salad bar that's not too expensive. I should eat there more often!

We brought the snacks to where the tv was or I'm sure I would have had the same problem.

I think I'm caught up on sleep in a way I haven't been for a while. Right now when my alarm goes off I'm ready to move. Of course that's when J wants to cuddle. Heh.

Thanks! There are a few restaurants across the street but one of them is a Jack in the Box that I have to walk past to get to anything else. Sadly there are no salad bars, though I can probably get a salad at several of the places. I just have to plan.

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