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calvin/hobbes yellow hug
- J and I went to see the new Cirque du Soleil touring show last night "OVO".  It was wonderful, there was one act where i would swear they turned the gravity off in part of the tent.  I watch those performers move with such grace and power and control, and oh I want that.  Maybe it's time to finally defeat the grade-school girl in my head who hates gym and start taking dance and gymnastics classes just to see.

- I watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics Friday night and they were fun, though I think without Bob Costas telling me what everything meant I would have been confused as to why there were fiddle playing tap dancers, for one.  Their cauldron snafu made me sad, and as a stage manager I could hear the conversations in my head.  - What do you mean it won't open?  Can you fix it?  How long will it take?  Can the other three go up by themselves?-  Technology is a beautiful thing until it bites you in the ass.

- J also decided that the winter olympics were "north-hemispherist", heh.  We had a lot of fun looking up the dates and location of all the previous olympics to see how right he was.

- Today we're not doing anything particularly valentine-y.  On the list are our weekly Costco run and going to the laundromat.  I suppose clean clothes are love, in a way.

- Big hugs to my whole flist.  You guys help keep me sane, and make me laugh, and keep me connected.

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It was actually a lot of fun. We put clothes in the washer and then went for a walk. When we returned we put clothes in the dryer and then ate lunch at a little Mexican place in the same plaza.

Exactly it's about doing something for each other, even if it doesn't fit the normal "romantic" theory of the world.

Also, my Idol partner has been on radio silence since Friday which has me a touch freaked out. I have something written (which I need to go work on now) but was hoping to get some feedback from her before I posted. Ah, well.

(Deleted comment)
Exactly this. We came home and were folding clothes together (though I still fold mine and he folds his - heh) and joking around and passing hangers. It was just a lovely day.

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