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The first rule of tautology club...

- Have I mentioned here before how much I love xkcd?  I don't always understand the really technical comics, but I like that too, the reminder that there is knowledge in the world I don't have.  In any case, this week's comics are particularly brilliant, and I stole my subject line from Wednesday's.  If you don't already have xkcd bookmarked, you really should.

- I went for a run on Wednesday and again this morning - about a mile each time.  I was surprisingly sore yesterday, despite having been walking regularly and the roller skating on Monday.  Running uses very different muscle groups, apparently.  The first few blocks on Wednesday felt so good, and then reality set in.  But I have started again.

- I was debating whether or not to give anything up for lent this year, not that I particularly practice any religion anymore.  But it is a good chance to work on habit setting.  I think I'm giving up soda and french fries even though I don't really eat either of those all that often unless I'm at the theatre.  But the show I'm doing right now closes on Easter Sunday so it will become more of a challenge as time goes by.

- I'm really enjoying the olympics this year.  It's been fun watching with J because he has different favorite sports than I do so he can explain hockey and snowboarding to me, while I try to make figure skating make sense for him.  We've been creating a list of the music we want to see people skate to ("let's get it on", "you spin me right round") and discussing how many sparkles an outfit can have.

- Rehearsals are good so far.  It's very interesting because the show is about a Spanish/Cuban family and a surprising amount of the script is not in English.  I have a Sesame Street knowledge of Spanish but that's it, which makes me a good audience member model to see if it's understandable, I suppose.  But most of the cast is reasonably fluent, and with the script dipping into Spanish so do they. a lot.  Being a stage manager is always being a little outside, but with the cast and director all being of a different culture and occasionally speaking a different language I feel more outside than usual.  I should, I suppose and it's a good learning experience, but still very strange.
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