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jensen hee
- Our corkscrew is missing.  We realized this last night as dinner was ready and we were planning to open a new bottle of wine and couldn't find it anywhere.  Both J and I hunted in all the obvious places, and several unobvious ones.  I'll be curious to see where it turns up, because the other option is that we live in an apartment that eats corkscrews and that is unacceptable.

- As we were getting ready for bed last night I referred to J as "Mr. Pouty McPoutyson".  His response?  "From Poutsutawney?" 
There was also a conversation about trying to turn off the light in the bedroom by using the force, at which point we started humming different themes from Star Wars to help the force flow stronger.  Then we wondered, if the goal was to turn out the light wouldn't you have to use the dark side of the force?  It is awesome to have someone to be silly with at the end of a long day.

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Your corkscrew is in the same place that the one sock in the dryer always goes. It's just gone, gone, gone. :-)

So... how'd you get the bottle open?

lol... if you figure out how to channel the Force, will you let me know? That silliness sounds very, very cute and fun. lol....

But socks can fold themselves into other dimensions more easily cause their bendy. I'm just annoyed that my corkscrew went to visit.

Um - we banged the cork down into the bottle. Which of course meant we had to drink the whole thing. So there could have been worse things I suppose.

My boyfriend has decided he does channel the force. He extends his arm with tension and I figure out what he's trying to do and say, get him the remote. Then he's very proud of himself.

We were in rare form last night, it was a good time.

Well the corkscrew obviously just twisted and screwed itself down into the other dimension! And of course, since you had to consume the whole bottle, sounds like it did you a favor by going on vacation. :-p

Wow... he really can channel the Force. That is impressive. I think I should be Luke to his Yoda!

Yeah poor us, having to drink an entire bottle of wine. J bought a new corkscrew yesterday, and apparently a spare that he hid from me, because he thinks I'm secret corkscrew klepto. Heh.

Perhaps he just used the Force a little too Forcefully and banished it to another dimension all by himself. Run that by him and see what he thinks. :-p

Hope you find your corkscrew. I just found the pair of sissors that I thought I might have left in Sackville....the vitamins, not so much with the found yet.

I love reading in bed, but hate getting up to turn out the light, so I know where you are comming from. Wouldn't the force be stronger if you were both humming the same theme?

We still haven't found the corkscrew. I'll have to buy another, having two wouldn't be the end of the world.

Exactly, the nights when bed is all comfy but the light switch is far away. We didn't try humming the same song, he started with Obi Wan's theme, and then I tried the imperial march. And then we were side tracked into discussing the light and dark sides of the force, heh.

I don't think I could humm Obi Wan's theme.

I have FanBoys on for background noise. I like the sillyness.

I haven't seen Fanboys yet. It's on my netflix list, so I'll get to it eventually. I am glad to hear it's silly though.

It might be the tatooine theme? It's the one that plays while Luke is standing looking at the twin moons in the first movie.

Did you look in the freezer? I have this habit of setting whatever I'm holding down in the fridge or the freezer when I go to take something else out.

Having to get up and turn off the light when you're comfy is terrible. Last night I just pulled the blanket over my head and hoped J came to bed soon :)

After reading this I did check the fridge and freezer but it wasn't there. I did find it later this afternoon under a magazine. Of course, J already bought us a new one yesterday so now we've got a spare.

Heh, I approve of your light turning off skills.

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