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- I got to go to the gun store today!  Due to the laws and a variety of reasons I'm the person holding the entertainment firearms permit for this show, so I had to be there to sign paperwork and put my thumbprint on the paperwork.  I was also fingerprinted and background checked for the permit in the first place.  It's all been kind of intriguing and fun.  And I want to talk to my dad about how much paperwork he fills out when he buys a gun, I'm curious what the difference between states is.

- Rehearsal is rehearsal.  Meh.

- The vote is up for LJ Idol here.  We're down to the top 75 which is exciting.  If you have a chance to head over and do some reading there's some fun stuff.

- I'm doing okay with the February goals.  Interestingly I missed stretching twice last week because I simply didn't think of it.  Adding anything else to my morning seems to be more difficult than everything else.  Overall I think it has been good, and a few of the habits are going to stick. 

- I've really been enjoying the Olympics this year.  Speed skating is my new favorite thing.

- I really wish I had a weekend coming.  But no such luck.

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I hold a firearms permit but guns make me uncomfortable. I was also surprised that it is good for life, I would think I should be periodically tested on my retention of the safety bits.

I didn't find this week's idol entries to be as good as the previous few weeks- but I was bored of the intersection (the idea, not the writing), so I'm glad that ended (even if it did come with a ... for now).

I hope that you re-visit your world with the seven watchers.

For this Olympics I've been totally taken with the arial ski jumping. I also don't understand why if they let women go up into the air and do twists and rotations, why plain distance ski jumping is to risky for women.

My permit is only good for one year, and I didn't have to pass any classes or take tests. They have no idea if I can handle a gun in fact which seems weird to me, but then it's an entertainment permit.

I wasn't as fond of this week's Idol topic, I don't think the writers (me included) did as much with it as some others. I had a fiction idea for this week that I really liked, but I didn't have enough time to revise it before it was due. I'm tempted to still finish it anyway.

I would like to go back to that world too, I'll have to keep it mind.

The arial ski jumping is crazy, the stuff they can do in less than 5 seconds is astounding. We skip the ski jumping so I had no idea they didn't let women do that, which does seem totally ridiculous. There are a few sports my boyfriend and I aren't so excited by so we watch them on FF - like all of the bobsledding.

I only know about the ski jumping because they launched a court case that went to the provincial supreme court and it was in the news All The Time. So when I turn on the Olympics and noted women doing crazy twisty things in the air, I was surprised. I found it interesting that they have to be going a really specific speed off the jump for it to go right.

I like the idea of the bobsled on fast forward. This sport now even faster.

I had no idea about ski jumping - huh.

When I get home we usually have only two hours to watch four hours of Olympic coverage. Subtract the commercials, and random human interest stuff and you get close, and then we pick and choose. Most of the sports look cool on fast forward, though the crashes tend to look even more horrific.

I feel so lucky to have all the time in the world right now to watch the Olympics, since I love the winter games and I have lots of time in a chair to watch. I've really gotten into short track speed skating, although it stresses me out to watch, and watched snowboarding for the first time as well. And the Colbert Report has been hilarious this week with him sponsoring the speed skating team.

J and I have been watching the prime time show nightly on the DVR so we can fast forward through the commercials, human interest stuff, and occasional sports. But I'm getting to see a little bit of everything.

Sadly we haven't had time for the Colbert Report as well, I bet it's fabulous. He did an interview with Bob Costas on NBC at one point last week that was made of awesome.

Yeah I saw that interview, with the moose - you should have seen him "coach" the speed skating team. :) I have them all saved on my TiVo, do you think you might find time to visit before March 22 when I return to work? If so you can see them.

Ooh that would be great. I am free to come up on the 15th, which is right after I open, or a few other daytimes that week. What works for you?

I'm free that whole week, it's the week before I return for work. Drop me an email and we'll do it!

The gun store? Ooooooohhhh.... This show gets more and more intriguing! I hope nobody pisses you off too much! :-p

I've never been a big Olympics guy but the hockey tourney has been compelling!!!

Apparently if guns are being shipped they must go to a gun store, even if they only fire blanks. Who knew?

I am bummed that I'll miss the gold medal game today while I'm at work, I hope it's a good one.

Wow.... I certainly didn't know that. Interesting.

I hope it's a good one too! Let's hope for a repeat of the last game against those Canucks!

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