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two things to share
We did a vodka taste test last night with:
Gilbey's in a plastic bottle that was inherited
Kirkland a Costco brand
Grey Goose.
I am here to tell you there is a difference between Grey Goose and everything else, and it is noticable. Though Absolut and Kirkland were surprisingly similar.

- Best rehearsal moment of yesterday - a short scene
(PA is the production assistant who was on book for the cast)

Actress: Line?
PA: What.
Actress: (with a little more tone) Line?
PA: What.
Actress: (turning to face the sm table, highly irritated) Line?!?
PA: (still in deadpan line reading mode) Your line is "what".
- pause -
Actress: Sorry. (turns back to actor onstage) What?

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It was one of those fabulous only in rehearsal moments.

I gave up on Vodka in plastic bottles a long time ago, after an evening I won't describe here :-). I definitely get less of a hangover from the more expensive Vodkas.

I haven't puchased vodka in a plastic bottle since college, this was gifted to us by friends who were moving out of state. I have to say having taste tested the only way we're finishing the Gibley's is in mixed drinks that mask it's flavor as much as possible.

In general the better the alcohol I'm drinking is the less hungover I get.

Oh man, that's too funny about the actress. lol... I do hope you were all able to keep the hysterical laughter under wraps. :-p

Vodka tasting... niiiiice. By the way... if you do like vodka, try Belvedere if you haven't already... my sis swears by it and says it's far better than Grey Goose.

Edited at 2010-02-28 09:53 pm (UTC)

I will have to try Belvedere - I don't know if I have ever had it. I'm still curious to see where Skyy fits in as well though I'm guessing it's pretty equivalent to the Absolut.

Mostly the PA and I have been glancing at each other and rolling our eyes a lot at this group.

edited because bad grammer kills kittens. Jeesh.

Edited at 2010-02-28 11:06 pm (UTC)

Jim and I both say - hahahahaahahahahahahahahaha

Thanks for sharing that.

It was such a brilliant moment.

Who's on second?
No, Who's on first...

haha priceless. that's definitely up there with "who's on first".

Edited at 2010-03-01 08:09 am (UTC)

The best thing is it happened again the next day with a different actor, though the PA caught it at the second line call from the actor. It's the little things.

Haha! That definitely cheered me up this morning.

Vodka - I have tried a lot of them. I like Ketel One and Skyy. Grey Goose is most definitely wonderful, but out of my price range. Actually so are the above 2 :) I think I bought Gordon's once, and though it was in a glass bottle, it definitely hurt me.

Glad I could supply giggles.

Honestly, grey goose is out of our price range too. The whole idea of having a taste test came up to see if it was actually worth the price, and now we know. I don't think it's what we'll keep around most of the time though.

Now I am collecting brands to have around for our second vodka taste test- heh.

Did the scene happen after the vodka tasting? Because that could explain a lot! ;)

Actually it didn't. Though I do think they should let me have vodka in rehearsal, it would make everything more fun. Well, for me at least.

IMO, most of the vodkas you tasted have chemical overtones, particularly Absolut (which is similar to Skyy and Ketel One). Grey Goose is okay but, if you're going the expensive route, you might want to try Belvedere or Chopin. On the low end, Stoli and Smirnoff are nice and clean. In fact, Smirnoff wins most blind taste tests even against the big boys. But I personally prefer the clean finish of Stoli pretty much over any of them.

I'm glad I posted about our taste test, because I'm getting fabulous suggestions for other vodkas to try. Once I've built up a little cash we'll have to head to the liquor store to try this again.

That is classic! Bet the actress felt like a douche for all the bad words she was thinking about the PA in her head! Heh.

As for vodka..You need to try X-rated vodka..it's up there as a fave of mine with Grey Goose. I don't drink any of the others unless forced. Hee.

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