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finishing February goals

Here's the follow-up on my February goals. 

Food:  I had fruit every single day.  J and I have started having fruit smoothies for breakfast which is good for both of us and means I have my fruit taken care of before I even leave the house.  I had a few days that were a little shaky for vegetables; I don't think double baked potatoes count.  But just thinking about it made me more likely to find a helping of vegetables so I consider it a win.  And I did make it the whole month without fast food.

Physical:  I missed stretching twice and moving for 20 minutes once.  But for 28 days I don't think that's bad.  Now that I'm working again the stretching is harder, trying to add anything into my morning routine turns out to be more difficult than I thought.  But finding time to walk every day was great, and helped keep me sane during some crazy-making rehearsals.  I've started running again, barely, but it is time to put that back into my life.  There's a short race in mid-April I want to sign up for to give me something to work for.

Other:  Now that I've been flossing every night for a month it's routine.  I've also added rinsing with Listerine, which hurt a lot for the first several days but is better now.

I was doing this to get healthier, but had hoped it might have some effect on my waistline too.  As of March 1st I had lost three pounds!  So my February goals are a success.  I'm going to continue all of these goals for March, and plan to add hexkitten 's goal of moving for 1000 minutes for the month to my list too.  I'm starting a little behind, but once the show opens I should be able to catch up.
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