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finishing February goals

Here's the follow-up on my February goals. 

Food:  I had fruit every single day.  J and I have started having fruit smoothies for breakfast which is good for both of us and means I have my fruit taken care of before I even leave the house.  I had a few days that were a little shaky for vegetables; I don't think double baked potatoes count.  But just thinking about it made me more likely to find a helping of vegetables so I consider it a win.  And I did make it the whole month without fast food.

Physical:  I missed stretching twice and moving for 20 minutes once.  But for 28 days I don't think that's bad.  Now that I'm working again the stretching is harder, trying to add anything into my morning routine turns out to be more difficult than I thought.  But finding time to walk every day was great, and helped keep me sane during some crazy-making rehearsals.  I've started running again, barely, but it is time to put that back into my life.  There's a short race in mid-April I want to sign up for to give me something to work for.

Other:  Now that I've been flossing every night for a month it's routine.  I've also added rinsing with Listerine, which hurt a lot for the first several days but is better now.

I was doing this to get healthier, but had hoped it might have some effect on my waistline too.  As of March 1st I had lost three pounds!  So my February goals are a success.  I'm going to continue all of these goals for March, and plan to add hexkitten 's goal of moving for 1000 minutes for the month to my list too.  I'm starting a little behind, but once the show opens I should be able to catch up.
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Exactly. Now if I can just get running again I should be set.

Thanks for your support!

hooray for success! I've been avoiding fast food as well, mostly for monetary reasons as well as health, but my sister in law is the worst culprit of asking me to have lunch with her at these places. And she's a personal trainer!

goals are great, especially when you can look back on the positive changes you've made. And I agree that adding to the morning routine is hard. I found some 10 minute work out vids on youtube that I've done a few mornings a week, and I think they're helping :) But some mornings even 10 minutes is impossible.

It's always the skinny people who suggest McDonald's in my life, so I feel your pain.

Once I started working again I actually completely forgot to stretch a few mornings, I guess that hasn't reached the habit stage yet. Though I do feel better when I manage to stretch so I'm still working on it.

I'm so proud of you! You're doing so great! Keep it up!

Thanks so much! The cheering means a lot.

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