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 - Tech started today.  It's happening right now in fact, shh don't tell anyone I'm here.  At the end of last night's rehearsal the director decided that she didn't like the furniture placement at the top of act I and spent 20 minutes rearranging it.  We spent this afternoon reblocking most of act I (not all of it yet) to accomodate the new furniture, but in a rehearsal hall so it's very rough.  This could be a really long night.

- The voting is up for this week's Idol entries here.  We're down to 73 competitors from 239 at the start, so I'm expecting things to start really heating up soon.

- I have discovered the perfect late night snack:  toast with peanut butter and a white russian.  Yummy and alcoholic.  And given the interesting twists of this rehearsal, very necessary.

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Wow, throwing things is not allowed. That starts to move things to assault territory.

I just used white russian proportions but with Bailey's instead. It's not nearly as good.

lol.... well, he wasn't actually throwing it *at* anybody. :-)

Bailey's is good.... but yeah, Kahlua is sooooo much better. Have you ever made yourself a Kahlua milkshake? Tasty stuff! :-)

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