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seriously? no really, seriously?
buffy rip lungs out
One of the actors decided to play with his props (which everyone is specifically instructed not to do) and took the handcuffs off his belt and put them on (he's playing a sheriff).  Turns out they're real handcuffs, and no one has the key because no one was supposed to ever put them on.    So it's dinner break, and his hands are handcuffed together in front of him.  We don't know if anyone has a key, or if we can find a locksmith who can them off him before Monday.  Currently our technical director is sawing through the chain.

I feel like I should have a particularly witty or biting comment to make here but this just makes me tired.  WTF?

ETA:  Now that I've had dinner (and a beer, shhhh!) I can better see the funny in this.  And in about a week it will probably be one of my favorite theatre stories.  Also, I now have handcuff keys.

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Re: Here... Allow Me....

I may need to print that out and post it on the callboard. Thanks for the laugh.

ETA also, I may need to figure out a way to make this story my Idol entry for the week.

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Where's Fiona with a hairpin when you need her?

Right? Our tech director thought he could pick the lock but it turns out that with real handcuffs that is surprisingly difficult.

You're in a theater group (in the SF area??) and nobody has handcuff keys?? SRSLY?

They're all the same- you could call the cops or a security guard or something. Or, y'know, anyone kinky.

Does she have your number? :-p

Handcuffs are pretty pick-able with a bit of strong wire or something similar.

That was tried, but apparently no one on the staff at the company has that skill. Or wanted to admit to having that skill....

That's CLASSIC! I mean, I realize it's annoying for you, but really, it's hysterical.

I can totally see the funny, and in about a week it'll probably be one of my favorite theatre stories. Right now it's the reason I lost 15 minutes of my dinner break so I'm a touch less thrilled. Just when you think people couldn't get dumber.

I suppose it's inappropriate to laugh? Sorry! Too bad its not Halloween or Bay to Breakers..bet there would be a lot of handcuffs around...of course, you're right..who knows about the keys? Good luck though and I'm sorry your cast member is a dumb ass, even though it made ME laugh. Sowwy.

I shared this for the laugh, and I can see the funny. It's just also maddening because telling people 'don't lock things you don't have the keys to' seems so obvious, you know?

On the one hand, I'm laughing because it so serves him right.

And on the other hand, I'm laughing because my seven year old can pick real handcuffs.

Why wasn't your seven year old in our rehearsal? Also, how did she acquire that skill and can she teach me?


I wouldn't have started to cut them until WELL into the dinner break.

The problem being that while he was handcuffed he was still in costume, etc. So about five crew/staff folks were also stuck waiting until he was out of the handcuffs and we weren't willing to wait the 45 minutes it took for the keys to arrive.

It does seem like instantaneous karma though, doesn't it?

Oh em gee, I've never had a more perfect icon for any comment!

I'm really sorry that the dumbassery is so strong in that one, but seriously? I lolled.

Instant karma FTW!

Re: Oh em gee, I've never had a more perfect icon for any comment!

Yeah. He walked up to the PA as the break started and from the back of the house I could see that he was holding his arms oddly. The next thing I heard was Alycia saying "Why would you DO that?" and I realized what had happened.

Edited at 2010-03-07 02:12 am (UTC)

(Deleted comment)
No, not at all. The instantaneous karma was more than a bit gratifying. If it hadn't involved me losing part of my dinner break I would have probably been more amused from the beginning.

I just - do not lock things you cannot unlock. Especially yourself in handcuffs. How is that not common sense?

That will probably become one of my favourite *headdesk* theatre stories. Would it be a problem if I share that with people over here?

Please feel free to tell as many people as possible. As I said somewhere upthread if I could tattoo this on his forehead I would, the actor is very sweet but apparently not very bright.

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