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it's still tech
- I have an actor in urgent care this morning wanting to take care of his throat before it gets any worse.  Which is smart, but he is in the whole show except for 4 pages.  So we're kind of in a holding pattern until he arrives.
- My mini chickens have acquired an egg.  They're taking turns sitting on top and the others gather around the sides.  I am also up to three doorknobs.  I amuse myself.  (I will see if I can get a photo.)
- I just tried to breathe, walk, and drink at the same time.  This resulted in chai latte dripping out my nose, which was seriously unpleasant.  I don't think I've ever coughed any liquid through my nose before, and I think I need to not do it again.
- I am fairly certain yesterday's handcuff story is going to end up being my Idol entry this week, after much rewriting.  So sorry to the folks who will discover it twice.  Based on the first prompt I had printed out poetry (both Maya Angelou's Caged Bird and Paul Lawrence Dunbar's Sympathy) but then the prompt changed so instead of something heartfelt and moving you'll get comedy about handcuffs.
- This morning I once again drove past the McD's drivethru with six cars in it to head to the Jamba Juice which was empty.  I think the universe is trying to validate my choices.

ETA: it's small because I haven't figured out how to make photos from my phone be anything else. 

Still life with mini-chickens, egg, doorknobs, cue lights, and monkey

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(Deleted comment)
It's mmmier when it isn't in my nose, but yes, otherwise mmmm.

Yikes... an actor in urgent care is not a good thing. Hope he's okay soon.

Three doorknobs, mini-chickens and an egg. You've got quite the embarrassment of riches over there. :-)

And errrrrr.... you better be careful or you're going to find yourself in urgent care if you keep trying to multi-task like that. :-p

Yay for driving past the Mickey D's drive through. If you ever need the motivation to do so again, just let me know and I'll send you a picture of the McChicken-head again.

He made it to rehearsal about 2.5 hours after his call. He's okay, just wants to ensure that he keeps getting better and doesn't lose his voice anytime soon. Which I support, it just made for a weird few hours of rehearsal.

I like my 'tech week still life of randomness' series. Obviously I need to publish them someday, I was looking through my phone and realized that I have several more from recent shows.

I will try to keep my breathing and drinking separate from now on, I promise.

so instead of something heartfelt and moving you'll get comedy about handcuffs.

you say that like it's a bad thing :)

Heh - I suppose it all depends on the audience. I just have to do the story justice.

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