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things I think

- I think no matter how well-behaved or sweet your child is they should not come to work with you, unless there is a day care or someone assigned to watch said child.
- I think two people talking about their feelings isn't very effective when one person doesn't care how the other one feels.
- I think that a coffee grinder is not that hard to operate.
- I think I have lost all patience with this cast and director, which while it may be deserved in some small measure, is not particularly good for the show or my mental health.

*deep breath*

So I am going to try to think some positive things too.
- I'm glad my boyfriend is home from Vegas.
- I'm glad that we went to see Alice in Wonderland yesterday, and that for a change the girl puts on the armor and slays the dragon (jabberwocky) all by herself.
-The good burger and fries last night should help keep me away from fast food this week.

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Hugs to you.

I love Alice in Wonderland.

Thank you. I've decided only I can make myself unhappy and cranky and I'm not letting that happen today.

Definitely understandable and deserved but you're right, most definitely not good for your mental health. Neither are other people's children. :-)

Hang in there, you. I hope you're doing okay!!

I'm dying to see Alice. It looks really good... and I have a *thing* for Anne Hathaway. :-) lol...

I have been taking lots of deep breaths, biting my tongue, and reminding myself that the director and playwright leave on Sunday. Yesterday was better.

Anne Hathaway was doing this strange, floaty thing I'm not sure I liked with the character, but she looked pretty.

Hey, you want me to come rough anybody up for you, you just say the word. I'll be on the first plane northbound and there in an hour. ;-)

Strange, floaty thing huh? Hmmmm... I could watch her rolling in mud, I think. Like ALL day. :-p

My boyfriend has already offered to pimp slap folks for me, it's nice to know he'd have back up if necessary. Thanks!

And while the strange floaty Anne Hathaway didn't really do it for me, if she were rolling around in the mud that I would pay to see. Possibly even extra for the private booth.

lol... any time. I think I'm just looking for a reason to manifest some of my rage issues. :-p

Oh hey now... don't you even be eyeballin' my girl. :-p

Realistically if anyone's going to hit this director it's likely to be me - I wouldn't want to pass the satisfaction along to anyone else.

*pouts* fine. I'll just think of some other attractive actress rolling around in the mud then.

(Deleted comment)
The difficulty with bringing kids to the theatre is that there are no desks, and when Mom or Dad is onstage the kid is of necessity unsupervised in the green room or sitting in the house. The afternoon didn't go badly and the daughter who was in rehearsal did mostly stay quiet, though we probably lost ten minutes of rehearsal time to her asking questions. Mostly it's the part where no one wants to be responsible for the kid when the parent is onstage, but feel like they have to.

"I think two people talking about their feelings isn't very effective when one person doesn't care how the other one feels."

yep. surprising how long it has taken me to realize this, though.

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