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things I think

- I think no matter how well-behaved or sweet your child is they should not come to work with you, unless there is a day care or someone assigned to watch said child.
- I think two people talking about their feelings isn't very effective when one person doesn't care how the other one feels.
- I think that a coffee grinder is not that hard to operate.
- I think I have lost all patience with this cast and director, which while it may be deserved in some small measure, is not particularly good for the show or my mental health.

*deep breath*

So I am going to try to think some positive things too.
- I'm glad my boyfriend is home from Vegas.
- I'm glad that we went to see Alice in Wonderland yesterday, and that for a change the girl puts on the armor and slays the dragon (jabberwocky) all by herself.
-The good burger and fries last night should help keep me away from fast food this week.

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