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- Apparently the wireless card in my laptop has begun to die a slow death.  Of course, it happened on a day when I really needed to be online and printing ASAP in rehearsal.  <sigh>
- My personal lightweight headset also died on Tuesday night.   I am death to machinery this week!
- I have decided that only I can make myself unhappy, and it's just not worth it.  So I'm biting my tongue, if necessary until my mouth is full of blood, and waiting for Sunday when the director and playwright leave. 
- This new attitude is being helpful today as in addition to the computer trauma the playwright also came in with new pages for the top of show, and an addtional page of rewrites.  There was even some trauma about donors visiting.  Woo!
- The poll is also live for LJ Idol here:  Last year week 17 is where I got voted out so I'm really hoping to make it at least one step further.  If you have a chance to read other entries you should, people interpreted this week's prompt in some really neat ways.  I'm not done reading yet, but I'm looking forward to it.
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