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A Public Service Announcement
time is twisted
This weekend is the start of daylight savings time.  That wonderful extra hour we got last fall has to be given back now.  On Saturday night (or Sunday morning) you will need to turn your clock forward one hour.

***This message brought to you by a stage manager who thinks it is evil to lose an hour of time between opening the show and a two show Sunday.  Also, I will happily take side bets on how many in the cast and crew forget about this no matter how many times I announce it.

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Nooooooooooooooo! I refuse to give it back!!! It's mine, mine, mine!!! ALL MINE!!!

And I think the best way to get your point across is to write a nice little reminder on a 3x5 card and staple it to their forearms... I guarantee you that nobody will forget.

That I am in favor of. Or maybe I could write it in sharpee on their foreheads.

They'd never be able to see it unless they were looking in a mirror. The staples would be a constant, throbbing reminder. :-p

Very good point. They are actors so I figure they'll look in mirrors often, but I like the staples. It is after all the funniest attachment method.

Oh you're right! I hadn't even factored in the actor element. Perhaps they do carry mirrors with them where ever they go.

And stapes are far more secure than say.... paper clips. Or if you were adverse to drawing blood, you could go with an alligator clip on the nipple.

I once stood in a parking lot for hours in the middle of the night debating the funniest attachment method to use in a joke. Staples won.

That is sort of frightening in a way. lol...

Phone them all at 2am to remind them to change their clocks ;)

Except then I have to make 17 phone calls at 2am. There must be a way to automate that.

There should be! I wonder if there is...? *giggles*

It seems you know something I do not know.

I don't - I just love the idea, in an evil way. I think you can call multiple people at once on Skype, and maybe Google Phone.

She's so much more humane than I am. lol...

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