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- I realized I kept updating all through tech and previews of this show and then stopped.  Opening went well, and the show has been running relatively smoothly since then.  No understudies were cast for this production which in some ways makes my job easier, no understudy rehearsals after opening.  Of course the lead actor's voice keeps threatening to give out, which could get very interesting.
- I bought a D&D book of my very own today, adding to my geek cred.  I played in a campaign last summer that died when two of the five folks involved moved away.  This is a new game that the same DM is running, but he wanted the few of us still around to build new characters.  I had only just figured out how to play the last one so this will be interesting.
- The poll for this week's LJ Idol topic is up.  If you liked my piece I would appreciate your vote, and the 61 folks left are all worth reading.
- I managed to trip over the track for a sliding door in the booth which is just sad.  Of course I managed to trip hard enough that my big toe swelled up a bit.  <sigh>
- The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous.  I went for a run yesterday, and a long walk today.  Yay!

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Here's hoping your actor doesn't lose his voice. Without an understudy, I'm sure it's nervous time!!! lol...

A D&D book of your very own? Wow... definitely upping that geek cred. But perhaps not as much as tripping over the sliding door track. LOL... Hope your toe is okay!

Well without an understudy it's easy for me. If he shows up with no voice I call the folks with higher pay-grades, let them know we can't have a show and go home -heh. It's getting better though, so I don't think that will happen.

The two guys in the booth with me giggled for the first five minutes of the show after my 'trip'. My toe is fine, but my ego is a bit bruised.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww... I do hope your ego is feeling better today. :-p

yay for your geek cred! I never got into D&D, but I can see where it would be fun :)

It's nice to hear the show is running relatively smoothly, I'm sure it makes your job easier!

I didn't ever play until now and J plays, so I suppose that makes sense. I like the character building part, it's storytelling essentially.

I'm grateful this show is being simple so far. Now it just needs to stay the course.

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