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things I said today that made the crew giggle

"There are extra units in the box..."
(In fact there were spare hand held microphones in one of the boxes in the sound booth.  Calling them units was a direct quote of the email from the sound designer.) 

"So, we need more screws?"
(A pair of eyeglasses fell apart onstage, and the repair kit has no screws big enough to fix them.)

I can't believe we have to do this twice again tomorrow.  Whee!

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I think my all time favorite is, "If you're not wet and you need to be, please see Tucker on stage right." Ah, On Golden Pond.

That one did have the added benefit of being over the god mic too, today was just on headset.

AHAHAHA I can imagine he must have loved that!

LOL... extra units, eh? Just in case you're not happy with the one you came equipped with perhaps? :-p

And yes... we always need more screws. What? Things are always falling apart! :-p

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