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Hello Saturday!
- I have a cold.  I'm very annoyed by this, given that I tend to not get sick much and this is my second cold of the year.  Blech.

- We have ten performances left and then this show will be done.  Yes, I am counting.

- My health and fitness goals in March haven't been so great.  I think saying 'second verse, same as the first' turned out to be not as effective as actually writing them all back down.  Also, it was tech and previews for this show which were highly stressful and I let that get to me.  So I am pondering goals for April, which will mostly be time off for me. 

- I finally did my taxes, it's nice to have that off my plate.

- I can't decide what to have for dinner today - the break is long enough that I'm planning to go out but I can't decide what I'm hungry for.  Hmmmm, any ideas?

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Feel bettter soon.

Sucks that you are counting the number of shows you have to do.

It is probably past lunch there now, but my vote is for some sort of salad.

Some shows are just like that - hopefully the next one will be better.

I realized I that I call it my lunch break even though it'll really be dinner, weird habit I guess. But a big salad sounds good, there's even a place downtown that specializes in from scratch salads so everything is coming together.

Ack... hope you're feeling better today. Being sick just sucks.

Yay for getting your taxes off your plate! Wooo Hooo!

And the countdown is on...

I hope you're feeling better! I have a cold that just will not go away! It's going on 2 weeks now, and I just feel crappy. Not really bad, can't get out of bed sick, just annoying I feel really tired and stuffy sick. bleck!

I also haven't really met my March goals. I'm hoping to do much better in April!

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