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- My cold is gone.  Yay!

- There are four performances left in this run, which is a good thing.  This cast seems to attract drama.  They've also reached the point where if you have all of them in one room they are besties, but if only two or three of them are around they're bitching about someone who isn't there.  It's just tiring to be around.

- I think my thyroid meds might be out of whack.  I've taken the generic ever since my surgery, and in February I had to switch pharmacies for my insurance.  About three weeks later I started feeling hypo symptoms, and once I did the math about when I had started taking the new drugs had a big ah-ha! moment.  (FYI generics are not all the same, different pharmacies may use different formulations - there are usually several for any given drug - and the changes can effect how your body processes them.)  I wanted to wait for another week to be certain, and then was going to call my doc for new blood work.  Of course since then I've had a cold and now I've got my period so there's no good way to tell.  <sigh >

- The vote is up for this week's LJ Idol here.  We're down to 49 people so I've made my goal of the top 50.  Now I want to see how much further I can go.

- I will do an April goals post, likely tomorrow.  In February I did a really good job of sticking to my goals after I wrote them all down.  In March when I just said, um that again without being specific I fell apart a bit.  There's one thing I'm still hesitant to write down for everyone, but that means it's probably the one that needs to be said out loud the most.

- I finally measured the loop I've been running.  I thought it was around a mile, turns out it's 1.5 miles.  It was a nice little boost to realize I've been going a little bit further than I thought.

- If anyone pulls an April fool's joke tonight at the theater I may have to hurt them.  I do have a metal spork after all.

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