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April Goals
horrible careful

Hopefully the fact that I didn't manage to type these until late on the 2nd isn't a sign about whether or not I'll be able to stick to these goals.  And even though I'm posting them late on a Friday I hope enough people will see them to help hold me to it.  Here goes in simple list form:

- have one fruit and vegetable every day
- no fast food
- increase my running to prep for Bay to Breakers (May 16)
- move for 1000 minutes
- go to yoga class once a week (4 times)
- complete one knitting project
- watch 15 netflix movies from queue

and this is the scary one
- write more of the story that I've started in LJ Idol.  30,000 words by the end of the month specifically, though outlines and things will count for my purposes.

I am off for most of April - my show closes on Sunday and I don't go on contract for the next one until May 4.  I will be back at Klutz for a week in the middle of the month but otherwise April is free time for me.  I have a big to do list for the month, but these are the repetitive things I want to get done, and the things I most need other folks to help me stay responsible about.  Here we go!

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I'm really excited by the scary one.

I'm curios about your 'No Fast Food'- friends and I were discussing resturants the other day, and an argument came up about a resturant chain that has take out. The food is good, but still part of the industrial food system and while they don't serve dinners in two to three minutes, they often have dinners ready in 10 minutes. Does that still count as fast food?

Half our group said yes, and the other half said no.

I thought you might be excited by the writing goal. I liked the idea more a week ago when it was more nebulous, but I figured it was worth a try.

I define fast food as any restaurant that typically has a drive-thru. So there are some chains (ie Subway) that get a pass for me that probably wouldn't for a lot of others. It sounds like the restaurant you and your friends were discussing would not be fast food by my rules. It is a fuzzy thing to define.

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