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April Goals
horrible careful

Hopefully the fact that I didn't manage to type these until late on the 2nd isn't a sign about whether or not I'll be able to stick to these goals.  And even though I'm posting them late on a Friday I hope enough people will see them to help hold me to it.  Here goes in simple list form:

- have one fruit and vegetable every day
- no fast food
- increase my running to prep for Bay to Breakers (May 16)
- move for 1000 minutes
- go to yoga class once a week (4 times)
- complete one knitting project
- watch 15 netflix movies from queue

and this is the scary one
- write more of the story that I've started in LJ Idol.  30,000 words by the end of the month specifically, though outlines and things will count for my purposes.

I am off for most of April - my show closes on Sunday and I don't go on contract for the next one until May 4.  I will be back at Klutz for a week in the middle of the month but otherwise April is free time for me.  I have a big to do list for the month, but these are the repetitive things I want to get done, and the things I most need other folks to help me stay responsible about.  Here we go!

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I thought you might be excited by the writing goal. I liked the idea more a week ago when it was more nebulous, but I figured it was worth a try.

I define fast food as any restaurant that typically has a drive-thru. So there are some chains (ie Subway) that get a pass for me that probably wouldn't for a lot of others. It sounds like the restaurant you and your friends were discussing would not be fast food by my rules. It is a fuzzy thing to define.

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