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- I find it interesting that when I get my hair colored (it was touched up on Wednesday) it feels like I have to be wearing makeup (especially mascara) for a while.  I think it has to do with my hair being a little darker and more vibrant, I want to match that all over. 

- J and I went for a one hour walk on a local trail today, partially to check it out for my running.  It looks nice, though it'll be weird to drive somewhere to run.

- I made it through another week of the polls on LJ Idol, only to be faced with the following topic - "Hyperbole is Literally Hitler".  I get it, but have no idea what to write about.  J and I were brainstorming ideas and came up with some things that are utterly silly, but I still have no idea how to write:
   <<redacted because I might use this one - but it's amusing and I'll share it if I don't use it>>
   Parabolas are literally statistics
   Understatement is figuratively Gandhi
We also discussed my finally writing the 'J is awesome' essay but that's not really hyperbole so it doesn't fit.  (If anyone from Idol ends up using one of these I want credit.) 

- Two more shows.
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