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- I ran 2.8 miles yesterday (at least according to the fancy new pace watch J got me) which is the furthest I have run all at one time since late last May.  At around 2 miles my legs really wanted to stop, and then I found this reserve place and the last chunk of the run was just fine.  This will still be a long haul to get back to where I was, but maybe I do still have more of a base than I think.  Also, ouch.

- Speaking of running I have been angsting about whether or not to do the SF half marathon in July.  It's far enough away that I have enough time to train (barring unforeseen circumstances) but there is a time limit on the course because they can only shut San Francisco down for so long.  hrmmm.

- The show closed and no one is dead!  I consider that a success.

- There is a poll up for LJ Idol here.  If you enjoyed my wacky HS detective story I'd appreciate your vote.  And now that we're down to 44 contestants you should read as many as you can, there are some great takes on hyperbole this week.  (Oh and the idea I redacted out of a previous post did end up being kind of the punch line in my story.)

- Yesterday I was knitting while watching a movie (the original Planet of the Apes) and finished the sock except for the toe seam!  Then I looked at the sock and realized no on has feet that long.  I had misread the pattern.  So yesterday I knit 20 rows, and then ripped out 40.  Now I need to re-knit the 20 decreasing rows.  <sigh>

- I will do an update post for my April goals on Friday's this month, so look for that tomorrow.

- Now I am off to see the show at BRT and hang out with their SM for a bit after.  Seeing theatre that I have nothing to do with creating always feels like such a luxury.
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