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LJ Idol week 22: token

Among the change in my wallet is a token from the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.  It's close to a nickel in size and similar in color to a penny. I’ve had it since 2005 despite the fact that I live on the opposite coast so the thing has no practical use. I’m amazed that I haven’t ever accidentally spent it. I didn’t set out to get a keepsake, I had bought several tokens for my dad and I that weekend and one just didn’t get spent. But I like it. It reminds me of that weekend in Boston, watching my mother run the marathon.

Mom set herself several goals for the year she would be 50...Collapse )

aww. many props to your mom for achieving that goal.

are you going to follow in her footsteps and move up from half-marathons? :P

I don't know. My usual response to that question is not while I have this job (which makes training a bit tougher) and not until I can do a half in under two hours. But I think I'll have to run a marathon eventually, just to be able to say I did it.

This is so inspiring! I've been wanting to get into running for a while, but always find it so difficult--but if your mom could do it at 50, that gives me hope!

All you need are shoes, come join us (peer pressure firmly applied). I like the freedom of running, I don't need a gym or other folks so I can just do it on my own. As my mom proved, it's never too late!

Your mom is seriously an inspiration. Good for her for taking up those challenges and hitting those goals. That is AWESOME. And good on YOU for taking up the torch your mom passed to you.

Such a great story!!! :-)

Thanks! Mom has moved on to triathlons because the swimming and biking are better for her knees. I'm in fact going out for a run this morning, just catching up on this glowing box first.

This was a really sweet and inspiring story. And well-written and engaging too!