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Pain in the butt
mr yuk
So midway through the afternoon at Klutz today, my right buttock started to hurt.  Not tons, and it didn't ache, but there was a little jolt with every step I took.  Things were a little more physical there than usual this morning but this didn't make any particular sense.  I did what I could to stretch and finished out the afternoon; it didn't seem too awful.

On my way home I debated what to do with my early evening.  I was supposed to run tonight, but I wasn't certain that was a good idea anymore.  I figured I would do the smaller loop and everything would be okay.  Then I arrived home and got out of the car.  OW!

Apparently sitting still just lets whatever is going on stiffen up to horrid extremes. I was limping as I got out of the car, but once again as I moved around some it got better.  It didn't go away mind you, but wasn't as awful.  I've done all the stretches I know for that area and nothing seems to be hitting exactly the right spot.  I'm stuck in a catch 22 where it hurts to walk, but walking is better than sitting still.

I decided not to run tonight.  I'm annoyed that as I'm finally getting my fitness stuff back on track something like this happens.  Though I did realize yesterday that I had planned my ramp up in running this week forgetting that I would be spending six hours on my feet every day at Klutz, so I think I'm coming out even at least.  But grrrr...

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It was a little sore when I woke up today and then it was just fine. I did stop to stretch several times during the day and once it felt like it might be coming back but didn't. So who knows?

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