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(no subject)
I'm at just over halfway through the month.  As I expected being back at Klutz this week took away the time to get ahead on some of these goals.

fruit & veg daily:  yes
no fast food: yes
prep for race:  I missed one run this week due to whatever muscle thing that was on Wednesday, but otherwise I'm on plan
move for 1000 minutes:  currently at 490 (I'm not adding any time for the work at Klutz which is way more physical than my daily life, but oh I want to)
yoga four times: two classes so far.  I have social plans on Monday so I have to figure when else I can fit in a class this coming week
15 netflix movies:  still at six, though we've watched almost the entire season of Dresden files on the instant play.  I'm trying to decide if that counts or not
finish a knitting project:  Haven't touched my knitting in a week.
write 30,000 words: 10,354

Next week I'm at Klutz on Monday and then done.  I have a lot of errands to do though, so I'll have to figure out how to find time for movies and knitting especially.

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Nice! You should feel accomplished.

Are you one of those people who can knit while watching a movie? You might be able to combine those if you're short on time. I can knit while watching some things, but not others. It also depends on the stitch I'm using.

Thanks for the encouragement. I can knit through a movie depending on the project, that's part of the reason I'm planning to finish the socks which are a simple repetitive pattern. But no new movies this week equaled no knitting. Hopefully both things will improve together next week.

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