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running things
Among my many errands yesterday I went and bought new running shoes.   I tend to wear a hole in the back of the heel cup on my shoes, and on Saturday after three miles I had an impressive blister which meant it was definitely new shoe time.  It's nice to sit and chat running with other people who get some of the oddities of the sport.  It was also unnervingly cool to watch the shoe fitter pick up my old shoes (always bring them) and look at their soles for a moment then say "Your hips get sore.  And you have trouble with your knees?"  Apparently old running shoes are better than tea leaves.  I narrowed it down to two pairs of shoes which felt nearly identical.  The difference was in look and price - the really cool looking shoes were $40 more expensive.  So I have the not quite so cool looking shoes.

I went out for a run this morning and they felt good.  But that is not the success of this morning.  Because I went running even though it is raining.  Now it feels like I'm in training again, now a silly thing like the weather isn't going to stop me.  I've got my new shoes and I have a plan. 

However, now I have to finish my entry for this week's Idol.  I didn't like any of my ideas and last night I was cranky about it.  J was asking random questions about the topic (underdog) to de-crankify me and said the perfect thing.   I am excited about my entry - but the edit on this one is more time consuming than usual.

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I love the badasssery feel of jogging in the rain, especially when you hit your stride while rounding a corner, awesome.

Absolutely. And the people in the cars looking at you like you're crazy.

Whoa, that's kind of freaky about the shoe fitter. It's nice you know that you're buying shoes from someone who knows their stuff!

She was amazing, I made a note of her name so I can try to see her the next time I go back. I wonder what the rest of my clothes would reveal about my life.

Did the shoe fitter have suggestions on how to prevent the hip/ knee issues?

Seems like lots of people are struggling with this topic- or at least enteries are slow to trickel in.

A few - it seems that the shoe inserts I've been using may have overcorrected for a problem so I have different inserts that should keep my feet more neutral. She also mentioned a stretch that I already use.

I had ideas for this topic just nothing I liked until last night. I'll be posting it shortly - the scansion is still a little off but this is as close to the deadline as I've ever gotten and it's scary.

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