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LJ Idol week 23 - underdog
What is under a dog? It depends
on where the dog is, I would guess.
In Iceland there’s ash
In Egypt there’s sand
If it's inside all day there's a mess.

If it’s naughty there might be a stain,
If it’s a girl there might be puppies,
If it runs too fast
Beside the fish tank
Then under it might be the guppies.

In the fall it might be pretty leaves
In the summer it would be the grass
As long as the dog
Is sitting down
Then under the dog is his ass.

Inside of the house, under a dog
There’s tile floor or a rug or parquet
(And inside a dog
under the house,
It’s dark, squishy and maybe decayed.)

Under a dog is a shadow,
Under a dog are it's feet.
Look at that Mom!
That dog's under a dog
Oh dear, I guess she's in heat.

Under dog in the dictionary
Doggerel is one word you will find
Defined as verse that
Is rude, crude, or poor
That was a thought I could get behind

***This is my entry for week 23 of LJ Idol: underdog. There was a voice post but I didn't have time to finish edits, update the reading and move everything before the deadline. I had several other ideas for this week but none that really clicked until this silliness.***

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"Under dog"... *teehee!* ♥

It was the moment J said, 'what's under dog in the dictionary' and I found doggerel I knew I had to try it. Welcome to my likely LJ Idol suicide. whee!

HA HA! This made me laugh out loud, particular the third stanza.

Thanks - it was a lot of fun to write. The third stanza is my favorite too.

Ok, I do enjoy your doggerel. ;)

Thanks. Once I skipped past doge to see doggerel in the dictionary it was the only thing my brain wanted to try.

Indeed. It made me happy to work on it so I consider that a win.

I'm with Grey - "under a dog is his ass" got me. Cute!

I had to read that part out loud to my boyfriend after I first came up with it. Luckily he puts up with my crazy.

Thanks! I had a lot of fun working on this one.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks, it was nice to be silly for a week.

Under my dog right now is the carpet as she takes a nap.

I kept thinking about our friend's dogs and the places they end up as I was writing this trying to come up with more ideas - heh.

"If it’s naughty there might be a stain,
If it’s a girl there might be puppies,
If it runs too fast
Beside the fish tank
Then under it might be the guppies."

Haha, this cracked my egg up!

Yay! I'm glad other folks are enjoying the silly as much as I did.

Thanks, it was fun to write.

*cracks up* My imagination is way, way too dirty for this subject... glad to see that I was not alone.

Absolutely not, gotta get a little dirty now and then.


This shoulda been illustrated by Shel Silverstein. XD

Aw, thank you! I can picture a drawing of a sad faced dog standing over guppies.

Hehe, this was cute! "Oh dear, I guess she's in heat." made me burst out laughing by the way XD

Laughter FTW! Thanks for letting me know.

LOL! This is hilarious! I love the 3rd stanza. Very funny and a fun twist on the topic. Me likey!

Thanks so much. I was stuck on this topic for quite a while, I just wish I had this idea about a day earlier so I could have spent a little more time refining.

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