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grown up
Yesterday J and I went on several shopping trips.  One of them was to buy a new mattress set.  I felt a little like Goldilocks as I stretched out on each mattress and proclaimed this one is too soft - this one is too hard.  But in the end we did fine one that was just right and it's being delivered this afternoon.  Buying a new bed makes me feel very grown up.  And buying a bed together just makes me happy. 

Also when we got home we both stretched out on our current mattress and said - this one is too hard.  So it's good that we're making the switch I suppose.

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lol... awesome. Enjoy the new bed!!! A good mattress makes a world of difference!

The new bed was lovely last night, though it takes a little getting used to just because it's different. I'm still all excited about it.

I'm still all excited about it.

I gathered that from your GR comment. :-p

I had to buy a new mattress last year- it made a world of difference to my back. I think now I would buy a slightly harder mattress, but not as hard as my boyfriends mattress.

I found the selection and choices overwhelming. I think it took me more than a day, so good for you!

I saw in the goodbye post (and I didn't like the results this week) that you said your other writing post is pulling a lot of you attention. Will you post more of the story?

Well J doesn't like to shop much, and 2/3 of the mattresses in the store were way too soft so we were able to narrow things down quickly. Luckily, we have very similar tastes.

It'll probably be a while before I post more of the story. I'm at nearly 20,000 words but I'm writing it in nanowrimo style where the point is to just keep going and get words on a page, so it's really rough right now. I do plan to put at least some of it up eventually though.

yay! A new bed makes all the difference. I bought my own bed when I moved out of my parents house a few years ago, and it's the bed J and I use now, but eventually we would like a bigger one. It's comfy, but not perfect.

I think buying mattresses is hard, so congratulations on finding one!

We moved up to a King sized bed - there's so much room! And we need bigger pillows. Luckily J and I have very similar tastes in mattresses and 2/3 of both stores we went to were too soft. So it helped us focus down right away.

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