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LJ Idol 24: rolling stop (home game)
I was voted out of LJ Idol last week, which I am surprisingly okay with.  Last season I went out in week 17 somewhere between 54th and 41st (it was a gatekeeper voting round).  This season I was voted out in week 23 and I finished 37th.  So it was an improvement all around.  I am sad to be done but was starting to lose motivation a little, I don't know if it was the extra six weeks or the fact that it's April and I want to be outside more than in, or even that I am working on the story I started in Idol entries and so am trying to put my writing time there.

Last week I didn't have the idea I ran with until late Tuesday night.  Of course my favorite idea was poetry which made me a little nervous, but it was such a joy to write when everything else I had thought of made me a little cranky so I went with it.  Mostly it was a bummer I had the idea late because it left me without as much time to polish and really nail down the meter as I would have liked.  (I am going to live in my fantasy that if I had just gotten the meter perfect everyone would have realized the brilliance and cleverness of my entry and I would have won.  heh)  From the moment the polls opened I comfortably held down the bottom and stayed there by a wide margin.  In some ways that was nice, I didn't have to worry about some last minute twist to save someone else knocking me out, I knew I was gone and had a few days to adjust.  I rolled to my stop and here I am.  

Topic related bonus mini-story!!

Many years ago I was driving home through a residential area and was pulled over by a police officer.  I parked and stopped my car, found the registration in my glove box and rolled down the window.  The cop walked up and asked "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

Now the correct answer to this question is pretty much always "No officer, I don't know" said with just as much innocence and sincerity as you can manage (and if you're a girl and can toss a hint of tears in there, go for it).  I say pretty much because if you were doing 90 in a 25mph zone while swerving to hit grandmas you're just going to piss the cop off by playing innocent, but unless your offense was blatant this is the way to go.

However, I was relatively young and freaked out so I said "Well, I was going a bit fast." (probably 30 in a 25mph zone)

The officer smiled at me a little and shook his head but didn't say anything.  So now, I should have gone for the "I don't know" innocent look and quivered my lip a little.  Instead I said "Um, I kind of rolled through that last stop sign but no one was around."

Again, the officer said nothing.  Again I didn't break out the 'I don't know' but at least I stayed quiet, mostly because I couldn't think of any other reason he could possibly have pulled me over.

"Your registration is past due.  I am going to write you a fix it ticket but as long as you get all the paperwork taken care of it should be fine."  (I had problems for the first few years I moved back to CA because some genius in the DMV had inverted two of the numbers in my street address so none of my mail reached me.)  He walked back to his car to write out the ticket, and I slumped in my seat.

He came back a few moments later and handed the ticket to me through the window.  "And, you might want to drive a bit more carefully from now on."  I nodded emphatically and watched him get in his car.  I pulled out carefully and drove 3 miles below the speed limit everywhere, for about a week.  And I learned that sometimes "I don't know" is the very best answer you can give.

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Ha! Cute. I can just see you slumped down in your seat trying to look invisible.

Point of interest: if you're pulled for speeding and the cop asks if you know how fast you were going, "I don't know" is the WRONG answer. Apparently they'd rather you knew you were going too fast than that you were unaware of how fast you were going. Learned that the hard way!

That makes sense actually. If the questions is 'do you know how fast you were going' at least you know they pulled you over for speeding and not some other random something. Of all the things I've been pulled over for it's never been speeding.

We don't even get asked - when I got pulled over last week, the officer said that "[he] stopped [me] because I was doing 67 in a 50 zone" and that was that. My friend said that if I had gotten out, I wouldn't have had a ticket (that's ok to do here, our police don't carry guns).

Sorry that you've been voted out. You had some really good stories.

I think I would prefer that. The 'do you know what you did' is kind of scary.

Aw thanks. It was a lot of fun this year, and I'm glad you enjoyed reading along.

Hugs to you on the voting out.

Last week I had to read your poem a couple of times before I got it- but I loved it once I did.

There are a couple of posted stories like that this week as well.

I think that might have been my downfall - you had to get to the punchline in the last stanza to really get it and I was asking folks to do a bit of extra work.

I need to start reading this week today. After all I have jury duties now.

Hehe sometimes it really is best to play dumb XD lucky thing he didn't book you for anything but the registration!

An entry that is a joy to write is a wonderful thing :) I'd much rather go out on something I enjoyed than something I hated.

Once I realized why he pulled me over I was afraid he was going to write me a ticket for every single thing I said. Luckily he recognized the nerves and let me go on my way.

Exactly - I had enough fun writing last week to not mind being gone.

AHAHAHAHA! I've done the same silly foot-in-mouth routine. It really is best to just keep your mouth shut. :D

I think the only way to learn that one is the hard way.

Hey, congrats on doing better than last year! You know, the thing about poetry is that a lot of people immediately dismiss it. I've seen some really good poetry in this competition, and it rarely gets the sort of votes it deserves.

The other thing I've noticed is that humor can be a difficult sell sometimes. I think that's because there's such a wide range of tastes. So a humorous poem was doubly dangerous!

Thanks! The interesting thing is I had mildly discounted lighter poetry in the past because it read so breezily it seemed as though it couldn't be that hard. Now I know better after angsting over the meter in mine, so I'll be more open to everything from here on out.

Did you notice that EVERYONE cut along with you had written poetry? Truly a bad week for verse but no surprise to me as a poet. Some people's brains just shut down when they see something broken into lines.

lol... and don't forget to flash a little cleavage in addition to that lip quiver. I bet that's beaten more tickets than anything. :-p

I still sad you got knocked out last week. I think you're awesome.

Aw, thanks. Of course it means I don't have to come up with something for punchable face which is probably just as well, the first thought that comes to mind is my boss.

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