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April goals - finished!

Here's how I did on the April goals I set.

fruit & veg daily:  yes (though I cheated slightly on the vegetables one day earlier this week.)
no fast food: yes
prep for race:  This week my long run was 5 miles - my knee got a little sore but I did it!  At two weeks out things are looking good.
move for 1000 minutes:  1090 woot!
yoga four times: yes
15 netflix movies:  currently 14 but I'll be curling up with the 15th tonight (African Queen)
finish a knitting project:  Nope.  I've got a sock and a third or so, I'm about to turn the heel of the second one.  But this did keep me knitting instead of just abadoning it so it's at least partially a win.
write 30,000 words: 30, 126 really messy words.  I got stuck for a while today because I needed to timeline something out and figure out when my lead characters birthday was.  I suppose it's good that the story is still keeping me engaged but I have a feeling this will need to be leaner to actually work more of a novella than a novel.  Whenever I do get to an edit I expect a lot of what I have to go.

So overall my April goals were a success! 

Also, I never updated on my thyroid issues.  I did speak to the doctor on Monday and she was happy with my numbers.  Apparently because I've had cancer the goal is to keep my TSH more supressed to help prevent anything from coming back.  So we made a deal, I'm staying on this medication at this dosage until my next scheduled appointment at the beginning of June (six weeks).  When I do bloodwork before that we're going to test for everything, and then we can talk about it more closely.  I have felt better this week, still taking the occasional nap but not as wiped out.  I'm guessing starting running had something to do with being so tired, and the stress of not knowing what was going on with my thyroid probably helped too.  In any case I'm comfortable with this answer and grateful that my doctor was responsive to my wanting lab work and answering my questions.
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