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be a dentist
freaking beaker out
I went to the dentist today and I have a cavity.  I'm mildly freaked out by that, mostly because it's the first cavity I've ever had (and yes I realize that any sympathy I might have gotten from some of you just went away).  So I get to go in next week for a filling which I am not so much excited about.  Ah well...

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Cavities suck.

One thing to watch for, is to make sure that your mouth is frozen before they start to drill. My nerves are high/ in a slightly different spot then they expected, so they always had to poke me a couple of times to get my mouth frozen.

I'm not sure if they can see nerves on the X-ray or not. You should ask.

Thanks for the advice - they had to double numb me to take out my wisdom teeth which I should bring up.

I don't know if they can see the nerves on x-rays or not, but she expressed some concern that while the cavity is very small on the surface from the x-ray it looks like it may run narrow and deep. I'm hoping she's wrong and this will be quick.

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