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be a dentist
freaking beaker out
I went to the dentist today and I have a cavity.  I'm mildly freaked out by that, mostly because it's the first cavity I've ever had (and yes I realize that any sympathy I might have gotten from some of you just went away).  So I get to go in next week for a filling which I am not so much excited about.  Ah well...

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I know, I know. I've had a root canal, and my wisdom teeth out and root planing so it's not like the dentist has always been sweetness and light for me. This is just new.

I'm not overly worried about it, and like my dentist so hopefully it'll be quick.

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Root planing: they numb your mouth and scrape any tartar, etc off the root of your tooth below the gum line. I've had it done twice about a decade apart.

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Pretty much. Push back the cuticle and then scrape with metal tools everything they can reach.

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I think I'm special - whee. They only do it if your gums have pulled away from your teeth far enough (periodontal pockets of 4 and 5) to put you at greater risk for gum disease. Once everything is clean the gums can re-attach to the teeth more fully, or at least that's the theory.

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