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The importance of being lazy

My life has been overly scheduled for the last week.  It was tech, and now previews, for my current show which makes for long work days.   I've been running and increasing my mileage which is good (I tend to think of my runs as unbreakable appointments to get them done).  All of that plus a few medical appointments means that I've had some place to be soon after getting up every day.  And when I get home for the day, I spend about 20 minutes being social with J, and then fall into bed.  So with the exception of a wonderful BBQ at a friend's on Monday my life since last Wednesday has felt like work, running, and sleep.

Today our rehearsal started a bit later, which meant there was a yoga class I could attend.  I woke up and got my morning stuff done, and when the time rolled around for me to get dressed and get out the door I decided to not.  Instead I stayed in my pajamas and caught up on some tv and spent a generally quiet several hours on my own.

Now a yoga class would have been good, I haven't been in two weeks since my schedule swapped around to the point that all my usual classes are unavailable to me.  But I think the quiet time was better for my mental health this morning.  It's easy to forget that occasionally doing nothing much of anything is the very best thing you can do.
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