Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

30 in 30, maybe?

So June is the month for 30 in 30.  What is that, you ask?  I am blatantly stealing the definition that whirled put in her journal earlier this week:  "The idea is to write something every day (or make up for lost days in the following days!) for a month. Stuff of substance though - writing that would interest anyone that's reading, not just the people who know you, or the usual crowd on your friends list."  I'm not so certain I will acheive the goal of being interesting to anyone, but between being voted out of LJ Idol and starting my current show I haven't posted much recently.  So I'm using 30 in 30 to get myself motivated to write again, both here and on the story I've been working on. 


In less substansive journal-land, I saw my endocrinologist today for my one year check up.  It's weird to think that on this day last year I was getting ready to go into surgery for the second time.  My bloodwork numbers are all good (tsh=.16, t4=1.9, t3=150) though I still feel like I have a little less energy overall than I used to have.  But without anything more substansive to go on I'm staying at my current dosage.  At the end of August I'll stop taking my levo and fall out of balance in prep for the full body scan.  I'm not looking forward to that, but at least there's a plan in place now.


I ran on the trail by my former apartment today, it just worked out best with my appointment and then rehearsal.  A gentleman running past me said hi and commented that he was happy to see his favorite ankle tattoo again.  It's crazy to me that I haven't run on that trail in a year and someone remembered me, or at least remembered the tattoo.  Yet another way I'm feeling like a runner again.

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