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Several months ago J and I did a short vodka taste test - those results can be found here.  On Sunday J went to Bev Mo and decided to check out the mini bottles they had in supply and so another vodka taste test ensued.  Around the middle many of the vodkas tasted similar but here is how we ended up ranking things:

1. Belvedere
2. Grey Goose
3. Ketel One / Finlandia
4. Sobieski / Skyy / Absolute / Kirkland
5. Svedka

We left the plastic bottle vodka out of the mix this time.  Really we're likely to just keep the Kirkland (Costco brand) vodka around for most things - and it's practically the same thing as Absolute or Skyy.  But when it comes to vodka martinis the Grey Goose and Belvedere are incredibly yummy, just too expensive to keep around all the time.

There are still a few other vodkas mentioned in the last post that we haven't tried, so in a few more months we may have to do this again.  That's me, drinking vodka so you don't have to.

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It really is. Get some crackers, a big glass of water, and lots of shotglasses to fill - makes for a fun evening. It would be a larger investment, but it would probably be fun to do as a party game with a bigger group.

Please give Chopin, a spin, too.

You are the second person to recommend Chopin, I've added it to the list for Vodka tasting III. I think it'll be my turn to buy next time though.

You might want to try running the cheaper vodka through a Brita filter. Some guys at Oh My God It Burns! did an experiment in comparing vodka filtered this way to more expensive vodka.

Now that is a brilliant idea. I think I even have a filter pitcher around that we're not currently using.

I'm curious to see how it turns out, if you do end up trying it.

I've been trying to think through the mechanics, since usually they want you to soak the filter before you start using it. Would that water the vodka down - though honestly I'd probably try this on the plastic bottle vodka we still have and I'm not sure anything could make it worse.

Might I humbly suggest the Three Olives Cherry Vodka? :-)

Flavored vodkas scare me. Because then they taste like their flavors and are all yummy, and I drink much more than I do of regular vodka, and then I forget part of the evening. Or get sick. Or both though vodka usually doesn't make me sick unless I'm drinking screwdrivers - that was a rough night.

But what the hell, I'll add it to the list for tasting III. Though if I can't make a dirty martini or white russian out of it it'll have to be extra yummy to get consummed at my house.

Oh flavored vodkas can be death. lol... trust me on that one. The cherry vodka almost killed me the night of my graduation party. lol... but it's soooo good. :-)

Definitely at least give it a shot. It's good stuff!

(Deleted comment)
Wait, I could go to a vodka tasting in person! I may have to suggest that to J for his birthday, that sounds like an even he could get behind. And I'll add Effen to the list for tasting III. It seems like we'll keep going until people stop suggesting.

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