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The best laid plans ...
Here is my original plan for today:
Run 9 miles on the pretty trail
get home with time to ice my knees and cool down, shower
meet boyfriend for lunch (sushi)
dentist at 3p for filling

This plan started to implode at around 4:45p yesterday at the same time my car did.  Well to be fair, the car didn't implode it overheated.  But to someone not very versed in mechanical things - when large amounts of white smoke are pouring out from underneath the hood of the car you are driving implosion is as good an explanation as any.

I spent some time on the highway denying that there was smoke, or that it was coming from my car, trying to baby it to the exit I had originally planned to take.  That worked but on city streets (and with stoplights) the smoke pouring out of the car could no longer be denied.  I pulled into the parking area of an apartment community and opened the hood while thinking "please don't let there be flames".  (Like I said, I am not so mechanically savy.)  From there I called J and verizon defeated us, so I called the LBO for my current show who also knows about cars.  I described the situation: "lots of white smoke, there's green fluid in puddles on things in the engine" and he knew immediately I had overheated.  He met me where I was parked and added some fluid to the radiator.  I asked if I could still drive it and he said sure but to take it easy.  Sadly I took this to mean I could still run the errand I had planned to do on the way to the theatre (sometimes I am not so smart).  But the car got to Trader Joe's without problem.  It was from there to the theatre that the car stalled out in the parking lot.  Then I got it started and a few blocks away it started smoking again.  And the check engine light came on.  And then it stalled again, in the middle lane of a three lane road.  Quick quiz - do you know where your hazzard lights are?

Eventually I made it to the theatre nearly on time and set about to do a show.  The LBO and props guy took a look at my car and told me driving home would be really not smart, which I try not to do more than once a day.  So I parked the car somewhere it wouldn't get a ticket and caught a ride home.

Here is the actual of today:
-Run 4 miles on the streets by home
-realize that if I want to make the best timed train I have 20 minutes to shower, change and eat something
-finish buying ticket for train as it comes to a stop at station
-get car from parking lot, drive it to garage (talking to it nicely the whole way) for estimate
-walk from garage to lunch (jack in the box)
-walk from lunch to dentist
-Get my filling which was shallow enough that it only took about 10 minutes and no numbing - whee!
-walk to theatre and read until building opens for us

By the numbers I ran four miles but walked five 6.5, and the car is going to cost about $700 for a new radiator, hoses, and thermostat.  So today wasn't at all what I thought it would be, but turned out to be not so horrid as I thought.  I'll get the car back tomorrow and can worry about all the rest of my errands then.

So, how was your day?
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Oh man, what a sucktastic day. I'm so sorry that all happened to you!!! Car problems seriously suck. Bleh!!!

I do hope that tomorrow is better for you.

Today is so far much nicer. I am at home relaxing (no car = no errands), I'll be taking the train down to pick up my car around 3:30 and then I'm planning to take a quick run past the comic book store because I've earned it.

Glad the day after was much nicer. And you absolutely did earn a trip to the comic book store just for not snapping and killing scores of people. :-)

sorry to hear about all the troubles with everything!

but hey, at least your toe isn't probably-broken-and-can't-train-until-further-notice, like mine is.

sometime we should get together and I will tell you about all exciting (and terrifying) new things in my life

Bad toe! It's always a bummer when you actually want to run and can't.

Yikes! that's a crappy day! I have a wheel bearing and brakes slowing going on my car - not looking forward to replacing either one of them, but at least I know it's coming and can prepare.

I'm glad your filling was shallow and didn't take long! That's good news at least.

I don't ever want to do the 'unexpected billowing smoke' thing again, I disliked that a lot. I prefer it when cars break down slowly with time to prep.

My filling was entirely quick and easy which was awesome. According to a few of the crew I still can't actually claim to a filling if I wasn't numbed up. heh.

Wow. Glad it wasn't worse.

I got lost thinking about you running nine miles! That is pretty kick ass.

I'm a bit amazed that I got the car all the way to the theatre.

Well, I haven't run nine miles yet, this was my week to step up from eight. At this point I think I'll wait until next week to try it, don't want to tempt fate by re-planning too soon.

How long have you been running?

I've been running since 2005, usually 8 months of the year (I'm bad at winter running). After my surgeries last year I had to take a lot of time off so I've only been running regularly again since March. Luckily the body remembers more than I thought it would.


I just started my beginner's routine three weeks ago. I am more trying to keep myself from falling down than I am running. It feels so awkward to me. :o) Would you mind sharing some beginner's tips?

I think the biggest one is listen to your body. If things start to ache or there are any sharp pains - stop. (I'm honestly not always very good at this one.) But there's no point in injuring yourself to the point of having to stop running, it defeats the whole purpose.

Ice really is your best friend. And be careful of your food, you might actually start to need more potassium (bananas are awesome for that) or electrolytes (mmm, sports drink) than you used to.

If you're running outdoors you can play the game of 'i'm going to run to that telephone poll' and once you're there 'i'm going to run to that tree'. Breaking anything down into smaller parts helps it seem more manageable.

And this one more depends on your goals, but I find I do better if I've signed up for some race - could be a 5k six months from now. But knowing I've spent money keeps me motivated to run to be ready.

I hope those help - please ask if you ever have any specific questions.

Thank you so much for the advice. I appreciate it! And I'm sure I'll be back with more questions soon! I'm glad to know you're here!

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