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summer weather
In the last few weeks summer has finally come to Northern CA.  We've had gorgeous sunny days and warm temperatures.  It's time for shorts and sandals and the beach. Meh.

Summer has never been my favorite season.  Now that I'm running again that's even more true, ideal running weather for me is mid 50s-60s.  When the temperature doesn't even drop that low overnight there's just no chance.  I start getting up earlier and earlier trying to beat the heat.  Yesterday was a gorgeous summer day at 9a.  Which meant that by 2p it was a little too much.

I don't remember being this unhappy with heat when I was younger, but these days I would happily swap from spring straight to fall.

How about you?  What temp is your ideal summer day?

Poll #1577954 summer weather

How hot can you get?

Send the mercury out the top of the thermometer
It's only 90ish
The 80's are more than just a good decade
Staying in the 70's is lovely
60ish please, and overcast if you can make it
What is this summer you speak of?
clicky is hot


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If I'm in outdoor swimming mode, I don't mind it being hot, because the lakes are always cool. Still, I hate when you go swimming and by time you're 100 m from the lake, your sweating again.

Honestly part of my problem when it is this warm is how long it takes to stop sweating after a run. Just nasty.

I'd say my ideal would be around 80-95 :)

I can handle the 80's though it's not my favorite. 90's just make me cranky by their very existence.

Hehe I'm used to a few days each summer getting up past 110 ... the 100s make me cranky ;)

I lived in Tucson for nine months (thankfully not the summer) but when we got there in August I was melting and all of the locals were "it's only in the 90's" and I realized very quickly that I was not meant to live in a desert. At least not without air conditioning.

I feel guilty, I tend to do that ... although half the time I am just teasing my poor, British partner: "it's only 110!"

I think the AZ locals were mostly teasing me too. Though after hearing "but it's a dry heat" repeatedly I finally came up with my answer. "So is an oven".

LOL nice one!
I much prefer dry heat to humidity any day. But dry heat + wind sometimes = fan-forced oven which is not that fun!

I agree, dry heat is happier than humid. Though in AZ they had 'swamp coolers' in a lot of the apartments, essentially they cooled by adding moisture to the air. So things ended up kind of humid anyway. Blech.

Really these days if the mercury is headed for 100 I'm headed to a building with AC, whether that's the movies or my office or something. I will happily give to you all of the hot heat.

Oh that does not sound fun!

Movie cinemas are great on hot days. Except one time when a friend and I went and they cranked up the AC so much that we ended up totally shivering!

I love the heat, and often don't feel warm during our summer, despite getting sunburnt several times. Ideally, it wouldn't drop below 100F in summer (day and night) and never below 80F in winter. Quite why I am willingly living in NZ, I am not sure. Our high was 57 today! And it doesn't even snow!

I tend to be cold as well, but I still would rather put on another sweater than have it be any hotter outside. It does seem like your ideal and actual places don't match very well currently.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah that is one of the nice things about the microclimates in the Bay Area. If you're really way too hot where you are, you're within an hour of someplace cooler.

BTW I'm glad you're okay after your freak accident. So bizarre.

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