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Tony awards

I watched my recording of the Tony's today.  As a theatre person it's fun to watch other people who share pieces of my world get recognized for their work.  But there is something much more important about these Tony's.

Memphis won for best musical.

See, when Memphis was at TheatreWorks (and how much do I love that Randy [the guy who spoke after the win] took the time to acknowledge all of the regional theatres the show had been at) I was the stage manager.  We had a lot less dancing and a much smaller ensemble, but the story hasn't changed much and five of the seven leads are the same performers as when we did the show.  It's bizarre and satisfying to watch people I know and a show I love be celebrated.  It actually made me cry a bit when they got to sing again at the end.

Now I just need to get to NY to see this production.

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