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Lost: motivation. If found please return
As a follow up to yesterday's post allow me to talk about that whole losing weight thing. 

I know what works for me.  Last spring when I was in such great shape I was running three days a week and doing exercises on the Wii fit / yoga class three days a week.  I was also tracking all of my food on sparkpeople.  Awareness of what I was putting in my body coupled with exercise totally works.  Who knew, right?

Right now I am running three to four days a week, and trying to fit in yoga once a week.  That's it.  The Wii fit is still in our living room but I haven't been on it in months.  I obviously still have computer access but I haven't gone back to spark or any of the other food tracking sites I've heard about. 

I'm not quite sure what it's going to take to get past that hump.  I know that part of the reluctance is fear of the unknown, typically it's much harder to lose weight without a thyroid there to respond to changes vs. the closed system of pills I'm on now.  And living with J will make tracking food a different thing, since I'm not the only one cooking and I'm less likely to eat the same safety meal three times a week.  But still, there have been motivational things this week, apparently none of them are quite enough to kick me into the next gear yet.  Examples of motivation:

Positive! My running is going really well.  I ran 20 miles this week, all at good training paces, even a little quick for me.  The studies say that for every pound you lose you get 2 seconds faster per mile.  For my upcoming half-marathon that would be nearly a half minute faster for every pound.  Which would be awesome!

Negative! I came home from my long run this week, got out of my sweaty clothes, and went to do my stretches in our spare room. (yes, this means I'm doing my post-run stretches naked.)  In plank position I happened to glance up at the mirrored doors that are on the closet and yikes.  Things were hanging down in ways you just don't notice while clothed.  That I carry all my weight in my mid-section is a gift of genetics but I do not like that my gut was hanging significantly below my breasts.

General!  I am a size eight on top and a size 10/12 on the bottom right now.  Shopping for dresses is frustrating and I'm certainly not putting my bikini back on anytime soon.

Now I'm not eating badly these days, but writing everything down really does change how you approach your food.  A friend has recommended the calorie/exercise tracker on a different website livestrong which I may check out to see if a new approach helps.  And the Wii is taunting me.  I just can't quite figure out what one thing I need to tip me back over the edge into really committing to this again.

Tips, suggestions, or kicks in the ass welcome.

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If you find your motivation can you ask it to send mine home too?

I really have nothing in the way of helpful suggestions just wanted to say that running that much is a great thing!! Keep up the great work.

Heh, yes I will certainly share my motivation if I find it again.

Thanks! The running is going really well. I keep reminding myself of that when I get frustrated at the rest of this.

Is it especially geeky that the first thing I thought when I read this: for every pound you lose you get 2 seconds faster per mile I immediately did the math to figure out how many fractions of a second I could shave off my time trying to steal second base if I lose the 20 lbs I've been pretending I'm trying to lose?

I have also been neglecting my Wii Fit, mainly because of the little voice that says "That's overweight" or "That's obese" when it checks BMI. I mean, it always used to say "That's normal" but I am assuming it won't if I use it. I don't know about you, but I keep stalling on going back to my Wii Fit with some sort of delusional attempts to convince myself I have to lose weight before I use it again so the Wii Fit doesn't know I skyrocketed. Yes, I am avoiding judgment from a video game.

I am not helping am I...

I love playing with math so now I'm trying to figure out baserunning too, or maybe my stupid 800m sprints.

I'm realizing that I stopped using the Wii shortly after we moved, because the carpet in the new apartment does something to the sensors and it regularly tells me I'm 10-15 pounds heavier than I am. Now, we have another scale and all of the exercises still worked, but with the tracking on the Wii not being accurate it wasn't as much fun. Huh. I wonder how much that had to do with my stopping vs just time mgmt.

Don't worry - I haven't logged back into sparkpeople in part because I'd have to tell them I'd gain weight. At least I know I'm not the only one avoiding the judgement of inanimate things.

The best part about the baserunning math is that it leads to more math, like factoring how fast your think various catchers could throw the ball to get you out, and how good their arms need to be for the gain to be significant. Although it occurs to me now that the whole pound to seconds/mile formula is probably not a constant since that's much more of an endurance thing... A girl can dream...

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