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Last October, I decided that it was time to play with my hair again.  And since J really likes it long, color was the way to go.  I decided on red and my stylist did a lovely job of giving me a new, coppery color.  The first time we touched it up we made it a bit brighter with some blond higlights, and the second time we made it more intense with brighter red highlights.

I went to the salon on Wednesday and she asked what I wanted to do this time, since it would be best to re-color everything.  I mentioned that I had really liked the intense highlights we had done previously and she said "we could do all of your hair that color".  After double checking that my skin tone wouldn't get completely washed out I decided to go for it.  So now my hair is undeniably red.

I love it, though I'm realizing I may not be wearing my newish purple top for a while.  The crew is debating if I should dress as Red Sonja or Poison Ivy for Halloween.  Heh.

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Fantastic. And I say wear the purple top! :D

Thanks. I'll have to try the purple; coloring my hair always makes me rethink my color choices for clothes.

Thanks. I don't quite recognize myself in the mirror yet.

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I have great faith in my stylist, she's always aiming for color that could possibly be mistaken for my own.

Awwwwww... it looks great! And I say go with Poison Ivy. :-)

Thank you! I'd prefer Poison Ivy since she actually wears more clothes but Red Sonja has a sword. And the sword is awfully tempting.

Well ya got me there... swords are very cool. lol...

That color looks gorgeous on you!

Thanks so much, I'm loving it so far.

OMG I LOVE IT!!! It looks so good on you!!!

Thank you! We had an all staff meeting the day after the new color, it was fun watching people do double-takes.

Oh, I love it!! I've been debating coloring my hair for awhile, haven't decided what I'm going to do!

Thanks. I've decided that it's only hair so you may as well play.

(Deleted comment)
Heh - I just have to adjust how I expect some things to look on me with my hair this new color, I'm sure in a week or so I'll calm back down about color combinations. Luckily I already wear a lot of green. And thanks!

(Deleted comment)
I happened to be wearing a periwinkle t-shirt at the salon, when she took the apron off I realized I should buy a lot more bluish colors. Thanks!

Thank you, I'm really happy with it.

That picture looks so much like a friend of mine that for just a moment I wondered how you could possibly have duped me so completely. It was a little bit scaryawesome.

For Halloween, I say Poison Ivy. Of course, obvious bias is obvious... :)

Mwah ha ha ha!

Seriously though, I get that a lot - that I look like someone's cousin / friend from college / person who lived across the street. I wonder sometimes if there was a horrible cloning accident when I was a child. Then I wonder if I'm the original or a clone ...

I lean towards Poison Ivy myself, other than the sword Red Sonja doesn't have as much going for her I think.

Poison Ivy!!! Deadly kisses. That's hotter than a sword. :P

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