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Idaho and catching up
I have been away from the internets most of the last week, because J and I took a road trip to Idaho for his family reunion over the long weekend.

- This was the first reunion they've had since 1992.  That seems so weird to me, my extended family (ie aunts, uncles, first cousins and their kids) on both sides has a gathering at least annually.  And more far-flung reunions every few years.  Maybe we're the exception.
- Other than J and his mom I knew no one there going in.  But everything felt very familiar:  too much food, relatives with (loud) opinions you disagree with, and sitting at the kids' table even though I'm in my late 30s.  You know, family stuff.
- We went on a two different hikes and both were gorgeous.
- The fireworks were amazing.  It's a small town so they weren't all that complex but the firemen setting them off were maybe 50 yards away from me.  I was laying on my back and looking straight up into the pretty colors that were directly above me.  Once or twice I had to close my eyes because it was too bright.
- Apparently my road trip limit is ten hours in one day.  I almost always fall asleep on car trips but I felt bad leaving J all alone to drive, and so I pushed to stay awake on the way home and then was cranky at the end.  For future reference if you need to be in a car with me for more than ten hours make me take a nap.  It'll work out better for everyone.

And in other news I ran 12 miles today, which is my longest run before the race.  The last half-mile of the trail is hilly constantly and so now my knees are cranky.  My flist was at skip=200 but I'm slowly making it back to the present time.  And we leave for WI next week so this feels like a very short interlude of homeness even though I have a lot of things I'd like to get done.

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"late 30s"? I thought you were younger than that, for some reason. Under 35 anyway. Nifty.

Idaho, Wisconsin... when ya going to find your way down to North Carolina?? :D

I'm 37 actually, and 3 1/2 years older than J which his relatives seemed to pointedly ignore. heh.

I really do need to do a world tour of seeing friends at some point, family visits seem to suck up all of the travel.

(Deleted comment)
We were in Bliss, Idaho which is kind of near Twin Falls. We went to two different canyon things and saw waterfalls and lots of farms. I'm not sure what I expected but it was really very pretty.

Sometimes I think small town fireworks are the best, since they are so intimate.

Well done on the 12 miles. Will you look for a flatter trail?

I had never seen fireworks that close before - it was amazing.

I don't know if there are too many flatter trails around, but I might start adding extra loops on the first four miles of this trail to avoid the hills. Hopefully at some point I'll be strong enough to just run them (a good goal) but right now it's a bit much.

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