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Idaho and catching up

I have been away from the internets most of the last week, because J and I took a road trip to Idaho for his family reunion over the long weekend.

- This was the first reunion they've had since 1992.  That seems so weird to me, my extended family (ie aunts, uncles, first cousins and their kids) on both sides has a gathering at least annually.  And more far-flung reunions every few years.  Maybe we're the exception.
- Other than J and his mom I knew no one there going in.  But everything felt very familiar:  too much food, relatives with (loud) opinions you disagree with, and sitting at the kids' table even though I'm in my late 30s.  You know, family stuff.
- We went on a two different hikes and both were gorgeous.
- The fireworks were amazing.  It's a small town so they weren't all that complex but the firemen setting them off were maybe 50 yards away from me.  I was laying on my back and looking straight up into the pretty colors that were directly above me.  Once or twice I had to close my eyes because it was too bright.
- Apparently my road trip limit is ten hours in one day.  I almost always fall asleep on car trips but I felt bad leaving J all alone to drive, and so I pushed to stay awake on the way home and then was cranky at the end.  For future reference if you need to be in a car with me for more than ten hours make me take a nap.  It'll work out better for everyone.

And in other news I ran 12 miles today, which is my longest run before the race.  The last half-mile of the trail is hilly constantly and so now my knees are cranky.  My flist was at skip=200 but I'm slowly making it back to the present time.  And we leave for WI next week so this feels like a very short interlude of homeness even though I have a lot of things I'd like to get done.
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