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Home again, home again
I'm back from WI and will be staying in one general location for the next two months, which will be nice.  I know there are several famous quotes along the lines of - the best thing about traveling is coming home - and it is so true.

The WI trip was a whirlwind of additional travel and visiting.  Car trips were a huge part of my youth, and apparently they cannot be escaped. 

Wednesday - flew in through Minneapolis.  There were thunder storms that night making the final leg of the trip a bit more interesting than I prefer my flying.
Thursday - drove Up North (2 hours in car) to our one room cabin.  We (my parents, J, and I) spent the day just hanging out by the wood fire, walking around the area, and just being.  We had brats cooked over said wood fire with Mom's homemade potato salad for dinner - yum!
Friday - I ran 3 miles on the dirt roads.  My parents mowed the lawn and we fired some weapons (turns out my aim is pretty good with a 22).  We saw a few deer and the mother bear and cubs that have been around the area.  Left mid-afternoon to go back home (2 hours in car) and went out for fish fry.
Saturday - drove to the dingleball tournament (2.5 hours in car).  The full title of this event is the Erin Melin memorial Dingleball tournament which manages to combine the sad (my cousin died several years ago after a long battle with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma) and the silly.  Dingleball, also known as ladder golf to the not-so-cool folks is a yard game.  This event has become a strange combination of family and college reunion, and all the money raised (paying for food and access to the keg, the silent auction, entry fees to the tournament) go to fight this type of cancer, or the scholorship fund set up in Erin's name.  All of my dad's sisters and a lot of my first cousins were there, so J has now met both sides of my family without screaming or running away.  We won our first game but then lost the next two which was a bit of a relief, it was hot and muggy and there was no shade for the players.  Overall it was a hugely fun day, then we went back to the hotel.
Sunday - drove to my brother's house (1 hour in car).  His family had been at dingleball the day before but this gave me a chance to spend some quieter time with my nieces and nephews.  The twins are walking now which is crazy to me.  Sara and I played with various arts and crafts things and sorted Barbie clothes.  We left around 5p so my parents could get home for work the next day (3 hours in car)
Monday - I ran 5 miles on the new trail in town, which is snazzy.  Then J and I did nothing.  It was glorious.
Tuesday - flying back.

I'm getting used to a flist that's at skip 250, but I'm working on it.

It's comic-con this weekend and despite buying comics regularly since I was eight I've never been to any con.  But this counter-protest makes me happy to identify as one of the geeks.  "All hail the hypno-toad!"  (link from rm )

And I may or may not have typed this entry while topless.  I'm having a lot of trouble with regulating my temperature lately.

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Welcome home!

I followed your counter-protest link, realized I had no idea what was going on, found appropriate news stores and came up with: people are protesting comic-con? Really? How.... something. I suppose I'm happy they are targeting people who seem able and willing to fight back.

Yeah, the leader of that church takes his congregation all over to protest some truly random things. They are one of the best examples of misusing Christianity as hate-speech. I'm sure the theory is that all comic book folks must be godless heathens.

From the articles I read, they think people who read comics worship false idols.

You should read the latest goodbye post, Gary says very nice things about you.

I think my favorite signs were the 'God hates kittens' and the Trekkie holding up the 'God hates Jedi!' signs. ;D

I also adored the gentleman dressed as Jesus. Apparently he was there just to give a little more weight to the counter-protest.

Hee, my nephews call that game "testicle toss". I like Dingleball too. Glad you and J had a fun time.

Edited at 2010-07-23 10:36 pm (UTC)

I'm up for any of the silly names, ladder golf is just way too boring. Thanks!

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