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SF half marathon
Running down the road
We started in the fog in Golden Gate park and it was still overcast at the finish around 10:45a though I managed to get some sun anyway - my cheeks are very rosy.  I came away with contact burns on the undersides of both my arms (and a very odd spot from keeping my key in the shorts pocket, which I don't usually do), and my right glute and knee are sore.  While they're right that the second half is less hilly, it also includes several big downhills, which do in fact still hurt more than uphill.  But after 19 months I finished a half marathon again.

In 2:17:32.

Which is a new PR.  How the hell did that happen?

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Oh yay you! I'm always impressed by anyone who enters and completes long distance races, let alone beats their PR whilst doing it.

Thanks so much. I'm still surprised I went that fast, and now that I've slept and hurt a little less, I'm not quite so cranky either.

I'm also pointing out that pregnancy may be the ultimate endurance test.

Sooo much of pregnancy is just a waiting game! You make sure the baby's OK on a regular basis and other than that, it's just twiddling your thumbs until they decide to make an appearance, especially at this stage.

One day I shall have to do a half marathon and then I can compare the two experiences!

You should totally do a half-marathon!

I suppose, on the other hand, I could get pregnant but I'd have to consult my boyfriend about that.

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Thanks so much! I'm still a little surprised.

Congratulations, a personal best must feel nice.

For where you got contact burns, would you put vasaline on those spots prior to the run? I know that works in the water, but there you don't generally have an overheating issue.

Thanks, it was a happy surprise.

Yeah, vaseline or body glide would have helped prevent the marks. I had been training in this shirt and had no problems even up to 12 miles so I just didn't think of it.

I had never heard of body glide, so I looked it up- interesting- have you used it before?

I have used body glide before, but only for skin on skin chafing (ie between my thighs) not for clothes. It's not very thick so I think vaseline might be better for that.

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Thanks so much!

I would honestly rather go up than down. I'm planing to do my next halfer late in October, but I have to go off my thyroid meds between now and then so I'm not registering for anything until that's over.

Awesome time!! I'm doing one in December, and just hoping to beat my best time (2:23).

Thanks! I just keep competing against myself, instead of all the other people, it could get mildly discouraging otherwise. Best of luck to you on setting your own PR!

Congratulations! That's wonderful.

Thanks so much! Now I'm just waiting for my hamstrings to stop being sore already.

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