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Running down the road
I did something to my ankle yesterday.  At dinner I walked about a mile and I was wearing newish shoes that have a slight heel.  Apparently that much heel and that much distance were unhappy together.  There was a spot on the front of my ankle that was twinging every time I took a step by the end of the day.  I iced it when I got home, and still set my alarm so I could get up and run.

This morning I woke up and walked a few laps around the apartment,  My ankle feels much better but is still a little stiff, so I decided to be careful and not run.  I was telling myself it was the smart choice but getting back into bed for 90 more minutes made it feel like the lazy choice.  Funny how being good to yourself can sometimes feel like weakness.


Speaking of running I saw something amazing on the trail on Monday.  I was over half done, and up ahead I saw two older gentlemen just standing on the path looking at something.  I glanced to see what they were looking at - here are my next thoughts.
- That's a big snake!
- Wait, that's two snakes.
- Their bottom halves are wrapped around each other and their heads are in the same direction.
- Are they fighting?
- I don't want to get too close to them if they're angry.
- Ohhh.  They're moving rhythmically.  That's not fighting.

Then I ran carefully between the snakes and the men with a big grin on my face which lasted for a lot of the day.  F**cking snakes!  Who knew?

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I love that snake story. That's going right up there with the actor who handcuffed himself during rehearsal on my list of Favorite Beeker Stories ;)

It was so bizarre. Running on this trail makes me wish I had a camera small enough to easily carry with me I've seen some great things, with snake sex at the top of the list.

Also, I've been trying to come up with a tongue twister that has 'snake sex' in it.

Just try saying "snake sex" ten times fast!

Right, it's difficult enough all on its own! I want a clever phrase though, and it gives me something to think about when I don't want to pay attention to the director in rehearsal.

How neat, that is not a sight you'd see everyday.

It was strange and really unique. Two other women on the trail asked me if I had seen the snakes when I got back to the trailhead - it was the talk of the day.

Huh, I didn't even know snakes did that!

I'm glad you're being good to yourself!

I'm not entirely positive snakes do that, but it certainly looked more like that than anything else, their bottom 2/3 were all wrapped around each other.

I did run this morning and my foot was fine, so I think the full 24 hrs off was the right way to go.

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