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just a tip
I arrived home from rehearsal last night around 10:30p; J was sitting on the couch watching TV.  I commented that something smelled really yummy and he made this sound that was a sigh-giggle-groan.  That's when I noticed that he was holding a large wad of paper towels pressed to his hand.

"What happened?"

"I cut the tip of my thumb off."

"You what?!"

Then J pulled the paper towels away to show me.  Literally the top of his left thumb is now flat for 1/4", and blood was still welling out of the center.  When he was making dinner Ninjas attacked and he was able to fend them off with just a kitchen knife**, though he lost part of his thumb.  He had cleaned it with alcohol and had been holding the paper towel to it ever since - nearly two hours.  We talked about going to the emergency room but he wasn't sure what they could do for him and I agreed after some convincing.  It scared me a bit, I don't like that J was hurt and I didn't know about it and that I couldn't fix it once I knew.  And I feel a little raw today still, and keep wanting to check in on him. Ah well.  But he's promised not to be bleeding when I get home from work tonight which is a good thing. 

**Or something like that.  J asked me to make him sound 'particularly masculine and tough' when I described what happened so - Ninjas.  There wasn't an onion involved at all, I know that for sure.
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Yikes!!! Good thing he fended off those ninjas before you got home. What a man. :)

Very good point. I should be plan to be appropriately grateful for that this evening.

Owww. I lost about half an inch of my pinkie finger a few years back (ok, more than a few, but... y'know) and went to the E.R. and they couldn't do anything except tell me how lucky I was it hadn't been just a little bit more and nicked the bone. Gee, thanks.

I totally understand the part about not knowing and wanting to fix it. He'll be fine though. It's amazing how well millions of people survive without our taking care of them, and even how our guys managed just fine before they met us ;)

Ack I'm glad you're okay. What happened to chop off your pinkie?

Well this definitely wasn't to bone, it was just making me nervous that it was still bleeding after two hours. Of course he didn't just bandage it either, so blotting at it for two hours probably kept it bleeding longer. I know he'll be just fine, it was just weird because that instinct has never really kicked in for me with a boyfriend before.

I was living in an old Victorian house that had the kind of windows with a rope and pulley in the side channel to keep it up when you raised it. I was looking out the window (for someone I was having dating drama with, natch!) and the rope broke and 40 lbs of window slammed down. To this day I have no idea how my pinkie got caught instead of a longer finger, but I am pretty damn happy it did (assuming getting away unscathed wasn't an option!)

Ah, good God, that sounds terrible and painful, and I hope he's okay. Will it grow back? Are we like lizards? That doesn't seem evolutionarily sound.

It's healing quickly which is a good thing. I think the top of his thumb will just stay a little flat, but eventually be fine otherwise.

While, i totally believe that J is stoic regarding physical pain, he isn't ignorant about the state of his body.

He'll heal up, good and fast. Also. If you apply tobacco to a wound, it'll like totally make him feel better.

J did go and see urgent care the next day and they added some stuff to help the blood clot but otherwise he had done all the right stuff. And I do know he's smart enough to take care of himself, I just still don't like him to be hurt.

Now that he's quit smoking I'm trying to keep all the tobacco away from him, but alcohol has been helpful.

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