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I arrived home from rehearsal last night around 10:30p; J was sitting on the couch watching TV.  I commented that something smelled really yummy and he made this sound that was a sigh-giggle-groan.  That's when I noticed that he was holding a large wad of paper towels pressed to his hand.

"What happened?"

"I cut the tip of my thumb off."

"You what?!"

Then J pulled the paper towels away to show me.  Literally the top of his left thumb is now flat for 1/4", and blood was still welling out of the center.  When he was making dinner Ninjas attacked and he was able to fend them off with just a kitchen knife**, though he lost part of his thumb.  He had cleaned it with alcohol and had been holding the paper towel to it ever since - nearly two hours.  We talked about going to the emergency room but he wasn't sure what they could do for him and I agreed after some convincing.  It scared me a bit, I don't like that J was hurt and I didn't know about it and that I couldn't fix it once I knew.  And I feel a little raw today still, and keep wanting to check in on him. Ah well.  But he's promised not to be bleeding when I get home from work tonight which is a good thing. 

**Or something like that.  J asked me to make him sound 'particularly masculine and tough' when I described what happened so - Ninjas.  There wasn't an onion involved at all, I know that for sure.
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