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Today we had our first runthrough of the current show.  Originally this was supposed to happen yesterday, but the light designer wasn't available to see it then so it got bumped.  Which turned out to be a good thing since we finished staging the show at 3:10 today, and started the run at 3:30.  What this means practically is we had no time to go back over anything.  So all of the stuff the director just 'took a note' on, all of the stuff that we had just roughed in to finish later, all the stuff we had staged without all of the people there and just given notes on was back today, in some cases for the first time in a week.

And it went smoothly.

Well, as smoothly as a first run ever goes.  Two people do not equal six motors to move scenery so there are always some bumps, one actor forgot he was in a scene (*headdesk*), stuff like that.  But nothing major.  Nothing that reflected how frustrating, annoying, and sometimes flat out contradictory this process has been thus far.

This always happens.  I don't know what well of grace we pull from every time we do a first run but it seems to always be there.  Magically the thing looks like a show and the lovers look like they're in love.  And I'm a horrible person who, just once, kind of wants the first run to be the train wreck it feels like it should be.

Instead we get grace.  Every time.  I wonder if I'll ever expect it.
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