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(no subject)

J and I went out last night to dinner and a movie which was lovely.  It was nice to have a night to ourselves before the craziness of tech begins.  We saw "Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World" which I really enjoyed - the style of it is so much fun even if I missed a few of the video game jokes.  But the oddest moment of last night happened during the previews.

A preview began which had taglines about the random people you pass every day and what if they weren't random?  Then five people were in an elevator, ignoring each other.  The elevator stopped, the lights went out, and when they came back on someone was hurt.  We flashed to the security center for the building and no one knows what's going on, but are seeing flashes of something creepy in the edge of the monitor.  The trust between the people in the elevator is breaking down, the tension is ratcheting up both on the screen and among the audience.  Then a text shot flashes on the screen "from the mind of M. Night Shyamlan".  Suddenly the mood in the audience changed.  There were laughs and groans and 'his horror isn't scary' and 'I wonder which of them is blind'.  There were still another 30-45 seconds of preview but last night anyway, the audience was gone.  I wonder when the perception of his work switched that completely, and if M. Night can get his groove back or if he should start using a pseudonym.

The movie is called "Devil" and really isn't my thing in any case.

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M. Night Shamalamadingdong has ruined himself for the world and he flew so high his fall was spectacular.

It was amazing to see firsthand how spectacularly he's fallen. Jeesh.

I probably would have had the exact same reaction. Funny.

It appears to be the reaction of a lot of folks which makes me wonder why the marketing department put it in to begin with. Or if we're going to see a trailer without his name in bold print soon.

The audience at the theater I went to had exactly the same reaction. Whatever grace period Shyamlan earned himself during Unbreakable has long since run out.

I LOVE Scott Pilgrim. Try the manga series; it's excellent. The movie was a good adaptation though.

It's interesting to hear that other crowds are doing the same thing. I wonder if some marketer is going to realize that they should pull that card out of their preview.

I have the first book of the series, I'm looking forward to starting it.

It gets that reaction every time. It's really funny seeing people walk by the poster, look interested, and then see his name.

I also loved Scott Pilgrim. I need to see it many more times. If you liked the movie, I would definitely suggest the graphic novels. I thought the ending for those was much more satisfying then the movie, and there is just so much more story.

That's so intriguing. I wonder if someone in marketing will realize that they should reduce the font of his name, or pull the title card out of the preview, or something.

I have the first book, but I haven't read it yet. Typically I find I can see a movie and then read the book without too much difficulty, but if I work in the other direction too close together than I end up unhappy with the movie. So now that I've seen it I'm just waiting for my life to calm down enough to read.

I had the same reaction just reading your description! :)

Maybe if someone else is running with it it will be ok, though. I don't know what his problem is, but maybe another director running with his idea might make it work on screen...

Heh. It is a different director, and I believe his credit is on story not writing. I wonder if it's still in his contracts from the glory days that he has to be credited like that, it seems it would serve him better to stay under the radar on a few (good) movies so folks could rediscover him.

Amongst other things, I think it was The Village that totally killed him. Funny, we were just talking about him the other day and how no one wants to see his movies anymore.

The Village and whatever that last horror flick with Mark Wahlberg was, where the trees were evil. I wonder when he will realize his stuff has become a joke to the audiences and if there's any hope of reversing that.

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