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Dreams of movement
Running down the road

I had a dream last night that I was going out for a run.  But as I was running I realized that things were wrong.  Instead of the water bottle with the hand strap I usually run with I was holding a coffee cup with no lid, and it was empty.  I was wearing the wrong shoes.  And I had long sleeves on and was way too warm.  I think my subconscious is trying to tell me I have all the wrong tools for something coming up.  That is exactly what the tech that is beginning tomorrow feels like, I'm ready to go (running) but so many other departments are behind and scrambling and I can't fix it, only make due.  < sigh >

Speaking of running, this week is the start of the training plan for my next half-marathon.  I'm trying a new plan, and today was a tempo run.   A tempo run should be a little slower than a sprint and is a longer distance; the idea is to keep yourself at a high but not maximum exertion effort for several miles.  I was supposed to warm up for a mile, run three miles at a 10:02 pace, and cool down for a mile.  I had no idea if I could still run ten minute miles or not, but all I could do was try.  It turns out I averaged a 9:33 pace for my tempo miles.  The good of that is I had no idea I could run that fast!  The bad of it is I have no idea how fast I'm running - and I have to get better at feeling a pace if I'm going to maintain it.  In any case it was nice to accomplish something a little beyond my expectations to start the day.

There are several things I keep meaning to write about: diet stuff, career stuff, upcoming health stuff, just life stuff I suppose.  Hopefully I can get back into the habit of writing.

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When my friends and I used to go running, one of them had an iphone app that somehow could tell the pace and distance... I have no idea how though! XD

That's crazy - probably some fancy GPS something! I run on a trail that has distances marked so I have that, I think I just need to pay more attention to my watch in the middle of my runs instead of just at the end.

My Nike+ told me all the data I wanted to know (how fast, how far, how long, etc.) until it died near Christmas. Since then I've been relying exclusively on my Garmin 305, which I got for my birthday a couple years ago. It uses GPS and is FABULOUS.

If both of those are options out of your price range, there's always going to the reservoir where the half-miles are marked and using a regular watch to check your paces.

I am so tempted by the Garmin or something but I haven't put the money aside to invest in one yet.

I do run at the reservoir a lot, and usually make a note of my total time so I know my average pace for the day. I think I just need to start looking at my watch at the markers so I know what ten minute miles vs. 9.5 minute miles feels like in my body. Or maybe go to a gym and run on a treadmill where my pace is controlled.

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