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- I don't remember when the neighbors got chickens, but when they are clucking as your alarm goes off, it becomes much harder to ignore.

- I'm annoyed that I didn't think to record my football game last night so I could watch the whole thing from the start and skip the commercials, instead of just planning to miss the first quarter.  Ah, the fun of being a fan of a Midwestern team while living on the west coast - lots of 9am games.

ADDENDUM - Several of the 'monster Saturday' games they're talking up on ESPN today involve Big Ten teams, and for the most part all of those teams are slight underdogs.  I'm not sure if that makes us wimpy or smart for playing San Jose St today, but if the big three in the conference all come out of this weekend with a loss that will sure make Wisconsin's life simpler.

- For those of you who understand dreams, the only thing I remember from last night was trying to clean Spanish rice out of the copier so I could run a job through (ie someone had dumped rice on / in the automatic intake and on the copy window).  What?

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I was looking through the "personal enrichment" section of the local adult education center, and one of them was a class on remembering and understanding dreams. I thought that was kind of weird, and then I thought, "I should take that!" :)

It does seem like a weird class to offer, but I bet it'd be interesting. Fixing a jammed copier I get, I do it all the time, but I still have no idea why Spanish rice.

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